The 20 Best Massager For Shoulder Knots (Reviewed 2022)

Whether you’re suffering from muscle strain, tightness, or more serious chronic conditions like bursitis or tendinitis, massagers offer a simple way to get relief from your pain. But with the vast number of options on the market, it can be hard to figure out what the best massager for shoulder knots is (especially when most stores don’t have them available to try). Luckily, this guide breaks down all of the top options so you can easily find one that will fit your needs perfectly.

Body Back Buddy Classic
If you have a knot in your back that just won’t go away, then it might be time to pick up a Back Buddy Classic. This massager is specially designed to target large muscles and relieve pain. The attached head provides targeted relief from back aches and soreness. The Body Back Buddy is an affordable, high-quality massager that offers much more than comparable options. Many Amazon reviewers also note how effective it is at reducing muscle tension throughout their bodies—not just their backs! It’s also lightweight and easy to use. When looking for a new way to relax after work or during a stressful day, consider picking up one of these handy devices. They come in several colors so you can choose one that matches your home décor too!

CARELAX Self Massage Tool
If you want to help yourself relax but can’t afford a professional massage, CARELAX Self Massage Tool is your best friend. It is made of non-stick silicone material which is both easy to grip and soft on your skin. With two vibration speeds and two relaxation techniques, it helps relieve shoulder knots and release tight muscles after long working hours. What’s more, it comes with a travel pouch so that you can take it with you anywhere at any time. Make sure to choose CARELAX if you want to get rid of shoulder knots painlessly. [Zyllion ZMA-15 Electric Muscle Stimulator] : If you are looking for an electric massager that targets aches in multiple areas of your body, Zyllion ZMA-15 Electric Muscle Stimulator should be one of your top choices. You can use it as neck massager, back massager or even leg massager. And thanks to its dual nodes which are designed in three different sizes, there is no need to worry about overuse injuries while using it because they all come with strong but comfortable vibrations without causing much pressure against your skin. Additionally, all three nodes have eight adjustable intensity levels so that you can set them up according to your preferences when treating specific muscle groups.

CuraCane Handheld Massager
Curapulse Curacane is a handheld massager that works great on muscle knots. It’s small, but has two speed levels and gives off a lot of vibrations for its size. It’s about $30 and comes with a long handle so you can get to your hard-to-reach areas, like your back. The only downside to it is that it runs on AA batteries so you will have to replace them every once in awhile. If you can deal with that minor inconvenience, though, it’s a great option as a go-to massager when muscle pain arises! Aurorae 7 Foot Double Sided Body Massage Pillow : The Aurorae 7 Foot Double Sided Body Massage Pillow is one of my favorite pillows for soothing aches and pains. This double sided pillow has several different modes, from light vibration to deep kneading massage action. On top of that, it also heats up which feels really nice on sore muscles after a workout or run. And since it’s made out of soft microfiber material, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself if you accidentally fall asleep while using it! All in all, I highly recommend checking out Aurorae products because they are high quality and easy to use.

WOVTE Silicone Massage Lacrosse Ball
It’s pretty expensive, but people who have used it say it’s worth every penny. Not only is it ergonomically designed to fit well in your hand, but its small size also makes it more suitable for accessing those hard-to-reach knots. It comes with a handy carrying bag so you can easily travel with it and its construction materials are quality enough to make sure you get maximum durability. It even comes with a money back guarantee! Read reviews here.
One of our favorite massagers on today’s list comes from WOVTE. While we do like their larger foam ball option as well, we decided to go with them today because they simply did an awesome job when it came to designing their massage lacrosse ball. We love that they kept everything simple by making use of mainly one color (black) while focusing on providing us with a comfortable grip due to its soft silicone material which also has great thermal properties at both low and high temperatures. It measures 2 inches in diameter and 6 inches long so reaching deeper parts of your shoulder muscle is no problem at all which means they come highly recommended by physiotherapists around the world.

Body Back Mini
The Body Back Mini makes our list as one of the best portable and affordable massagers for relieving shoulder pain and knots. It features 15 massage settings, such as kneading, tapotement, percussion, rolling, vibration and tapping. This handheld device comes with a comfort grip that you can use while watching TV or sitting at your desk. It also has an automatic shut-off function to save power. The unit is lightweight and easy to operate. The Body Back Mini runs on two AA batteries and lasts up to 30 minutes per charge. While it may not be as powerful as other models, it’s still a great option for people who are looking for relief from sore muscles and tension in their shoulders.

The LivAmazing is a simple massage wand. You just turn it on and use it to stroke your shoulders, neck, back and anywhere else that feels tight. It has two speeds, soft and hard. At six pounds, you can control how hard you want to go based on how much pressure you put into your strokes. The LivAmazing is great if you want something simple but powerful at an affordable price point. Note: We’ve found that it tends to run a little hot so be sure to let it cool down between uses! It also comes with a convenient storage bag. ​Pros: ​1.) Simple and effective design – Great option for those who don’t need all of the bells and whistles 2.) Powerful motor – Provides enough power to really dig in 3.) Two different speed settings – If you prefer less intense massages 4.) Affordable price point Cons: ​1.) Runs hot after extended use 2.) No carrying case included Key Features – Two different speed settings – Six pound weight – Six foot cord – Ten minute auto shut off What Buyers Like I love using my LivAmazing every day. I find that I get knots in my upper back every now and then from sitting at my desk all day long. My husband works construction, so he gets plenty of knots as well.

LiBa Back and Neck Massager
While there are lots of massagers that you can use to loosen up your muscles, and they all have different features, making it hard to determine which one is right for you. The Empower Back and Neck Massager Tool is a great option as it combines several massage techniques in one tool so you can get all of your kinks worked out with just one purchase. You can also rest assured that it’s constructed from quality materials, making it last longer than similar devices. The Empower Back and Neck Massager Tool isn’t just ideal if you are having muscle problems but also if you want a general relaxation tool or even if you are looking for something to help aid in recovery after physical activity. It has an ergonomic design and comes with four attachments that allow you to choose between kneading, tapping, rolling, and vibration. This versatility makes it easy to use on many parts of your body including your legs, arms, neck, back shoulders, feet and more. It has two speed settings so you can adjust how intense it feels depending on what type of relief you need at any given time. This massager offers both heat therapy and cold therapy modes too. There is an LCD display screen on top of the device where you can easily see how much battery life remains before needing to recharge it again.

TriggerPoint AcuCurve Massage Cane
The TriggerPoint AcuCurve is a small massage cane that measures in at just 24 inches long and weighs 1.4 pounds. The AcuCurve features a curved handle that’s easy to hold onto, which makes it great for people with small or large hands alike. The size of its handle also means you can get an excellent grip on it, so even those who struggle with tremors should be able to use it without issue. Despite its light weight, the AcuCurve is very well-made and sturdy; while it might not seem like much, I’m confident that even someone who uses their cane frequently won’t have any issues with durability. This massager is ideal for relieving sore muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, legs and more. It also works great as a general back massager!
Our #1 pick: Theragun G3 Series : This incredible handheld massager packs quite a punch! Its unique trigger mechanism allows you to control how deep it goes into your muscle tissue by varying how far down you press down on its trigger button. This product has three different modes: high power mode will deliver up to 4500 RPMs of power when fully pressed down; medium power mode delivers 3500 RPMs when fully pressed down; low power mode delivers 3000 RPMs when fully pressed down. All three modes are amazingly effective at relieving knots from your muscles and tension from your body!

Empower Back and Neck Massager Tool
By far, one of our favorite massager tools is Empower Back and Neck. This tool is designed to give relief to back and neck pain while simultaneously stretching out knots in muscles. The four-pronged massager can be used on arms, legs, feet and more—and comes with two speeds. It’s compact enough to fit into bags or backpacks so that you can take it with you wherever you go. If it needs charging, simply plug it into a USB port on your computer! This versatile device can be used by people of all ages, whether they have chronic back problems or just need a quick massage before bedtime. And because it has two different speed settings, there’s no need to worry about overstimulating your skin if you have sensitive skin. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally pinching yourself: each prong moves independently from one another! For those who are suffering from chronic muscle pain or just want some quick stress relief at work, we highly recommend giving Empower Back and Neck a try. Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying it, you’ll get 100% money back guarantee from its manufacturer!

Thera Cane Massager
The Thera Cane is an extremely effective device that targets knots in muscles. The FDA approved cane-shaped design allows you to knead and roll out your shoulder muscles, with massaging nodes in three different places on each end of its stick. Because it’s designed specifically to dig into knots and aches, it can reach areas that other devices simply can’t reach. In fact, users have found it highly effective at eliminating shoulder pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder syndrome and even nerve damage from cervical spondylosis (neck pain). While some people may find it difficult to use at first, most agree that a little practice makes perfect. Once you get used to using it, many find relief after just one or two uses. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and costs about $35 online.

Q-flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool
Acupressure points throughout your body help to relieve muscle tension and pain. The Q-flex massager does just that by applying targeted pressure to each of those points. Use it on your back, shoulders, legs and more. This ergonomic tool has a contoured shape that is easy to hold and can be used anywhere in or around your home or office. It is also portable, so you can take it with you while traveling if needed. The overall length of this device is 14 inches long, with 9 inches at its widest point, making it possible to reach all parts of your body easily. Available in multiple colors such as black, brown and red; make sure you choose one that suits your needs best! This massage tool provides a deeply relaxing effect, and acupressure points are used to stimulate blood flow and promote healing. This therapeutic massage can be done with or without clothing and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual for those who have never had a massage before. The Q-flex massager is especially useful for relieving tense shoulders, but it can also be applied to other areas of your body if needed. It is a strong, sturdy tool that stays put on any surface you use it on, though it works best when used directly on your back.

HSFrelax Manual Neck Massager
Though handheld neck massagers are convenient and easy to use, you’ll need someone else to operate it. If you want a high-quality, affordable option that gives you full control over how much pressure your shoulders receive, we recommend looking into HSFrelax Manual Neck Massager. Its performance is impressive considering its low price point and it comes with a number of features that make it ideal for those with frequent tension in their necks. It’s fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver around your shoulders, but if you find yourself wanting more control over its application of pressure, there’s also an adjustable knob that lets you increase or decrease its intensity on demand. And since it runs off batteries, you can use it anywhere without having to worry about finding an outlet. That makes it perfect for traveling or taking on business trips. The only real downside is that its handle can get a little slippery when wet—but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem as long as you keep it away from running water while using it. Overall, HSFrelax Manual Neck Massager is one of our favorite products because of its great value and ease of use—and because so many reviewers have noted how effective it is at relieving shoulder knots after just one session! At just $15 per unit, they really don’t come any better than these devices!

Veewook Neck Manual Massager Balls
These massage balls by Veewook were made with muscle relief in mind. At only 3 ounces each, they’re a great option to take with you anywhere. They’re also specially designed to fit your shoulders and upper back, making them a comfortable option for long-term use. For individuals suffering from knots that have built up on their neck, these balls can help reduce pain and speed up recovery time. So if you need something small and portable but still effective, these are a good choice to make. Also, they’re great value! You get two in one purchase; perfect if you have more than one knot area that needs relief. Just place them around your shoulder blades or upper back and enjoy! Check out Veewook Neck Manual Massager Balls here…

SpiriTouch Superior Neck and Back Massager
A handheld massager is ideal if you have a lot of muscle tension in your neck and back. Handheld massagers are easy to use, easy to carry around with you and easy to store away when they’re not in use. This massager has great reviews from users who have rated it well because it eases tension from their muscles without making them feel sore afterward. The massage modes also make using it more effective. The kneading mode focuses on loosening tense muscles, while reverse-kneading loosens tight ones. Additionally, if you don’t want too much pressure on a specific area of your neck or back, there are additional speeds that help you work out kinks without irritating sensitive areas too much. It comes with a heating feature as well, which can be used independently or combined with any other massage setting. It can heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so you may find it helpful during cold months as well. It even has LED lights that change colors depending on what setting you choose, which makes using it more fun than just pressing buttons. However, some reviewers have said that even though they enjoy using it regularly, its design isn’t conducive to long periods of use—the handle gets uncomfortable after holding it for several minutes at a time. If you tend to hold tension in your shoulders and neck over an extended period of time, however, then having something like these shoulder knots would be beneficial!

Etekcity Cordless Neck Massager
The Etekcity Cordless Neck Massager is a handheld device that can be used to help relieve shoulder knots and other muscle pains in your neck, arms, back, legs and face. The massager offers deep kneading motions that are helpful at loosening up stiff muscles. Its compact size allows you to easily store it away when not in use. While some people report it as feeling weaker than other massaging products on our list, many like its portability and appreciate its ability to work without batteries or wires. It’s also light enough that you can take it with you while traveling or just have it handy next to your couch while watching TV at night. If you want something more powerful, we recommend taking a look at some of our other recommendations.

Guina Back Massager
The Guina Back Massager is perfect for both back and shoulder knots. This massager has an eight-speeds vibrator and a heating function, making it a great choice on those cold winter nights. The Guina is also lightweight, meaning it’s easy to carry with you when traveling. The price is also right: At less than $30, you really can’t go wrong with this option. Its small size makes it easy to store and travel with, so even if you don’t need something bulky in your home day-to-day, you can bring it along when needed and save space in your luggage or car by packing light. Perfection! If you have lots of tension in your shoulders and neck, try using a handheld massager on yourself as part of your self-care routine after workouts or long days at work. It’s particularly effective at helping get rid of painful knots that tend to build up around these areas. I recommend purchasing one that features two heads—one larger head for bigger muscles like shoulders and backs, and one smaller head for smaller areas like forearms and calves.

Zoremanam Handheld Neck Massager
This model has 5 massage heads that can be focused on different parts of your neck and shoulders. It uses 9 adjustable speeds to treat all types of shoulder pain. If you have a stiff neck and need relief fast, use high speed. Otherwise you may choose medium speed to loosen knots and soft areas in your neck. Low speed is recommended for elderly people who want a nice deep tissue massage but don’t need so much force applied to their skin. This model does not come with batteries, so you will have to purchase them separately (4 x AA batteries are needed). It weighs only 1 lb, making it easy to carry around in luggage or handbag when traveling. There is also an option to buy a carrying case. The Zoremanam Handheld Neck Massager comes with an 18-month warranty, as well as free lifetime technical support by email. The manufacturer offers several payment options including credit card, PayPal and Amazon Pay. There are also several e-commerce sites where you can buy this product online: Amazon USA , eBay , Newegg .

Sokiss Trigger Point Massager
The Sokiss massager is a fantastic tool to have around if you’re in need of a portable deep-tissue massage. Although it might not be as powerful as other units out there, what it lacks in strength it makes up for in affordability and portability. If you simply want to give your muscles some love and aren’t concerned with how much pressure you can get from your unit, then this one is perfect. It doesn’t require any batteries or chargers and instead runs off of hand strength alone! This also means that you don’t have to worry about remembering to charge or swap out your battery before a massage. You just grab and go! And while we would never recommend using it on hard surfaces like wood floors, you could use it on softer surfaces like carpeting without having to worry about damaging your device. Overall, we think that the Sokiss Trigger Point Massager is a great product for anyone who wants a small but effective massager at an affordable price. Check Price On Amazon

ALLJOY Back and Neck Massager
ALLJOY designed its Back and Neck Massager to target your upper back, mid-back, and neck. The company uses Shiatsu massage nodes on either side of a cylindrical ball in order to maximize its effectiveness. The nodes also allow you to adjust how much pressure you apply. Simply press down lightly or rub in circles around a knot; if it doesn’t make any difference then take off some pressure! One of my favorite features is that ALLJOY massager automatically shuts off after 20 minutes so you don’t have to worry about wasting batteries. This bad boy can also rotate both ways so everyone can find their preferred position (including lying on their side). I also like that it comes with an easy carry case. You can store it under your bed or throw it in your luggage when traveling. There are three color options: blue, gray, and purple. It’s also covered by a one year warranty which gives me peace of mind knowing that they stand behind their product. In fact, they even offer lifetime support through email should you ever need assistance! If you’re looking for an all-around great massager at a reasonable price then look no further than ALLJOY’s Back and Neck Massager .

TruMedic InstaShiatsu+
The reason why I love the TruMedic Instashits is because it’s not too expensive, but has everything you need in a high-quality massager. My favorite part of their massage tool is that it has 8 adjustable positions and comes with 4 attachments. Each attachment can also be used as a handheld massager or body brush. The heating function of their product helps release tension and improve blood circulation, which feels amazing when you’re trying to loosen up your muscles. Their other bestseller, which is known as the pregnancy pillow, can also help soothe abdominal and back pain during pregnancy by supporting and evenly distributing your weight over a larger surface area.

LtYioe Shiatsu Back Shoulder & Neck Massager
If you want a massage that really gets to your back, look no further than our top choice. This is one of those massagers that’ll get deep into your shoulder knots and stimulate circulation. To use it, simply place it at an angle on your shoulder or lower back and lay down on it with a thin blanket underneath you. Many say they can feel a difference after just three minutes, but that might be when they fall asleep—that’s how relaxing these things are! This one is great for any muscle aches from stress; though you can technically use it anywhere on your body. And if you want to know more about what makes it so great, take a closer look here . You won’t regret it!

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