Can Black Card Guests Use Massage Chairs

The black card has many amenities and services that are exclusive to members of this elite group, including certain spa services like massage chairs. One frequent question asked by people who have earned black cards and also have access to these luxury items is whether or not their guests have access to the same benefits they do? It’s important to know your limits as a black card holder and make sure you don’t break any rules, otherwise you could lose all your hard-earned perks! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about whether or not black card holders have access to massage chairs.

What is a black card?
The Centurion card is issued by American Express’s Luxury Services Department and caters to an exclusive clientele. The black card includes all of American Express’s concierge services, with an emphasis on travel and lifestyle, for $2,500 a year. This fee allows members access to airport lounges and complimentary upgrades on any ticket when traveling in economy class. Members are also provided with a 24-hour personal assistant who can book flights, hotel rooms, car service and more. Beyond these perks, which aren’t available to all AmEx cardholders, each cardholder receives his or her own distinct benefits including

How much does it cost and what does it get you?
It costs $500, and that’s it. I’ll say that again: $500 and you’re in. You can use any of your spa services whenever you want, including during high-traffic times like Sunday or Monday evenings. And there are no restrictions on access. You don’t need a reservation, because there’s no additional black card member line (like you might see at restaurants), so simply go up to a front desk person and ask for your services. But why would someone pay more just to go first?

Where can I use my black card?
If you have a black card, congratulations. You’re part of an elite group of people who will never need to buy groceries or a tank of gas again. Or so you think. There are certain things that have a silver lining, and others that are full of shit. Unfortunately, your black card isn’t one you can use everywhere. Read on to find out where it gets you access and where it doesn’t . The last thing you want is to be rejected at your favorite coffee shop because they don’t accept black cards as payment.

What perks come with the black card?
One of my favorite cards on the market is American Express’s Centurion. The black card has an incredible slew of high-end perks, but its greatest selling point might be access to airport lounges. For example, anyone who holds a platinum card from Citi’s AAdvantage program can access its Admirals Club lounges for free—but if you hold a black card, you can get in for no cost at all. It’s definitely not unheard of for lounge patrons to break into fights over who should pay and who shouldn’t—so when it comes time to decide whether or not black card holders are eligible, that probably means they are.

What else do I get with my black card that non-cardholders don’t get?
Most black cardholders get a higher level of service than members who are not part of rewards programs. This is especially true for members at luxury resorts, such as Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons, where concierge services help smooth out your vacation experience. Many black cardholders also receive priority seating when they dine at high-end restaurants and free or discounted tickets to popular shows and sporting events. Some black cards will even offer access to health clubs with private changing rooms, saunas, jacuzzis and more. And, while they don’t have them in every city yet, some cards offer VIP access to local events such as concerts or gallery openings.

Is there anyone who doesn’t qualify for the black card?
It depends on your specific club and its policies. Different clubs have different rules for members, including for using some of their amenities such as a spa. As long as you’re a cardholder, you should be able to use any amenity that’s available to other black card holders—regardless of how you became a member. However, if your membership is through American Express’ invitation-only Centurion Lounges program, then no need to worry; by default they all have access to massage chairs. So grab your Luxury Card and book yourself a massage chair appointment today!

Who decides who gets a black card and when will I know if I have one or not (if at all)?
Disney doesn’t publicly reveal any specifics on how they determine who gets a black card and when, but there are some things we do know. One thing is that, contrary to popular belief, it’s not based on how much you spend in a single trip. Some people have reported getting one after staying just once or twice, while others spend thousands of dollars a year on annual passes and Disney vacations for decades without ever getting one. Disney does keep track of how many times you visit (though there’s no magic number per se), as well as your dining reservations and purchases from shops—they also note if your reservation has been canceled during peak season.

Final Word
Sometimes, yes. It all depends on your club and its rules. Many clubs offer a la carte services for black card members that are unavailable to non-members; though in other cases, like with many fitness clubs, black card memberships do not grant access to additional services or facilities. To find out if your club offers massage chairs as part of its array of spa offerings, contact customer service directly and ask. If they don’t have them—or if they aren’t available for patrons at large—ask why not: maybe you can help make it happen! Keep in mind that more than likely any additional perks will come with an extra cost attached—it might just be worth it if it allows you to get some relaxation after a stressful day at work.

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