Can My Guest At Planet Fitness Use The Massage Chairs?

Planet Fitness has many amenities, including an arcade and game room, to provide an enjoyable experience while exercising in their clubs. The company also provides massage chairs to help members relax after working out hard. However, as of 2016, some Planet Fitness clubs have banned members from using the massage chairs because they are afraid of them being misused or abused by members who do not respect the facility’s rules and regulations. Read more about whether your guests can use the massage chairs in your Planet Fitness facility to determine if this rule applies to your club.

Why do so many people use Planet Fitness?
Planet Fitness is a gym which often gets overlooked by people. The reason that it’s so popular is because of its cheap rates and its friendly attitude. This isn’t just a place for competitive bodybuilders, but rather one for everyday people who want to take care of their bodies. One way Planet Fitness does that is by offering guest passes—anyone can come in with a friend and workout without having to pay regular membership fees (though there are basic requirements). But what happens when your guest wants to use Planet Fitness’ massage chairs? Or more importantly, should they be allowed? Here’s everything you need to know about whether or not guests at Planet Fitness can use these awesome chairs. Guest Passes & Their Requirements: When you sign up for a Planet Fitness membership, you don’t have to worry about paying every month or year. Instead, if you decide after a month that it’s not working out for you, then no problem! You can cancel at any time. However, if someone comes into your gym with a guest pass and doesn’t abide by all of its rules, then they won’t be able to continue using their pass. For example, while walking around naked might make sense inside of an actual planet fitness location (they really love themselves some puns), doing so in other gyms could get them kicked out immediately.

How does a gym benefit from using massage chairs instead of massage therapists
One of the main reasons people choose a gym over other workout facilities is convenience. The thought of having a personal trainer may be nice, but having an appointment with one every day would not be convenient for most people. This is why Planet Fitness has done away with trainers and instead allows members to utilize massage chairs in their facilities at no extra cost. By allowing members to use these chairs, it saves them from needing a trainer and lets them exercise when they want and need. In addition, Planet Fitness has created an environment that encourages everyone from young children to seniors citizens feel comfortable exercising because of how welcoming and friendly everyone is at these gyms.

Where are Planet Fitness massage chairs located?
The Planet Fitness massage chairs are always located in their private rooms, away from public use. This is a policy to make sure members who have purchased upgrades don’t waste their money and aren’t hindered by strangers who aren’t interested in using them. You can book a room at least 24 hours in advance, although they do run out of availability sometimes. If you want guaranteed access, you should purchase an upgrade when you sign up for membership; it will be cheaper then than if you do it later. The fee for a massage chair is $20 per month and can be paid on top of your monthly membership fees or separately with cash or credit card once in-person (or online).

What are the benefits of getting a spa chair massage at your gym?
Massage chairs are a fun and unique way to relax at your gym. Whether you’re prepping for an intense workout or just enjoying a little me time, they can be a great way to stay healthy and relaxed. But are they really allowed in Planet Fitness gyms? As it turns out, many locations allow guests to use massage chairs as long as no employees are using them. Even better—some clubs even keep some spa chair on hand! Just remember that while they may be free or low-cost to use, massage chairs can add up quickly if you have multiple visits during a month. That could lead you back into temptation and away from your fitness goals faster than you think! If you find yourself spending too much money on these services, make sure to track your spending and find ways to save money without sacrificing quality. We all know how important self-care is when we’re trying to get fit! So go ahead and enjoy these perks of being a member—just make sure not overdo it so you don’t end up breaking your budget instead of losing weight.

Are you supposed to tip a chair masseuse at your gym?
It all depends on who you ask. Some gym goers and masseuse professionals believe that a tip is standard protocol, while others argue it’s considered rude. So is tipping appropriate at Planet Fitness? The truth is that no one really knows, as there doesn’t seem to be a clearly outlined policy at PF locations. And because massage chairs are relatively new when compared with other spa-like amenities—such as steam rooms and saunas—most employees probably aren’t aware of their purpose or how they work (expect confusion if you try to use one during off hours). That said, our advice for tipping anyone who works in service-related industry is generally yes.

Final Word
Planet Fitness’ slogan is No Gymtimidation. But that does not mean you are allowed to use any and all of their equipment. According to their policy, only one type of guest can use those massage chairs… members! We know it seems obvious but a lot of people just don’t get it. So here we go again… If you are not a member (and therefore do not have a membership card), you may not use any Planet Fitness equipment, period. No matter how many times your mother or sister-in-law has convinced you otherwise, trust us when we say that it is strictly forbidden—by law in most states and by Planet Fitness in general—for nonmembers to use even those heavenly massage chairs.

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