Can You Use A Foot Massager Too Much

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Getting older and taking on more responsibilities can often leave you feeling stressed out at the end of the day and make your feet ache like they’ve never ached before.

The best way to put an end to this pain, or at least ease it, is by using a foot massager at home after a long day of work and responsibilities. It’s not uncommon to want to use it too much, however, but are there really any risks with overuse? We investigate whether there’s such a thing as using a foot massager too much!

Can You Use A Foot Massager Too Much? The question of how often can I use my foot massager is one that many people are asking these days. The truth is, if you are only looking for relief from everyday aches and pains, then using your machine once or twice a week will be enough to make you feel great again.

However, if you suffer from serious ailments like diabetes or heart disease, you may want to limit your use so you do not exacerbate your pain unnecessarily. Pain can be tricky because it is different for everyone, but one way to decide how often is right for you is by listening to your body’s signals when it comes time to rest.

How frequently should you use a foot massager?

People often wonder if it is safe to use a foot massager every day. The short answer to that question is that, yes, daily use is safe, assuming you are healthy enough for regular massage in general. Of course, it’s best to check with your doctor or chiropractor before beginning daily massage therapy on yourself.

Using a foot massager frequently can make all sorts of aches and pains in your feet dissipate—which makes them ideal tools for those who spend long hours on their feet during work or exercise routines.

However, if you suffer from medical conditions that cause swelling in your legs, consult with your doctor before beginning regular leg-massage treatments.

How long should you use it for?

Many of us spend 8 hours or more on our feet. Whether you’re at work, school, at home with kids, or just spending time running errands; many people spend a considerable amount of time standing each day.

While it is great that we are so active now compared to past generations, many of us are still not getting enough exercise.

Even with sedentary jobs, it can be easy to fall into bad habits like sitting hunched over while working or squirming around in your seat to ease some back pain. Not only does doing these things give you an increased risk for health issues like back problems but they also contribute towards unwanted weight gain.

Are there any risks associated with excessive use of a foot massager

According to experts, yes. People tend to use these products for hours at a time, especially when they get their massagers during winter or summer months when your feet are more likely to suffer from poor circulation.

If you spend an hour or two on your massager every day of week, you’re doing it wrong—if that’s what you’re doing at all. The point of a foot massage is to provide relief for acute pain (not chronic) by stimulating blood flow in your lower extremities.

If you have chronic issues with circulation (poor blood flow), it’s best to go see a doctor because excessive use could potentially aggravate it even further—the exact opposite effect you want.

The benefits of regular use vs. excessive use

While regular use of a foot massager can help keep your feet healthy, be careful not to overdo it. It’s fine to use your device for five minutes or so every day; however, if you’re spending longer periods of time on it each day or doing more than one session per day, your feet might start to feel worse.

Overuse could lead to injury because repeated pressure can cause nerve damage. If you feel any tingling in your feet after using a foot massager (or if you stop feeling anything at all), stop immediately and consult with your doctor right away.

If you still like how your feet feel after playing them down on their own for awhile, consider placing hot water bottles on them instead.

What the experts have to say on this topic

There are over one hundred different types of massage available to consumers today, but one that is often overlooked, or even laughed at, is the foot massage. However, many professional athletes swear by their daily routine of getting their feet rubbed.

It’s more than just an indulgence for them. They will tell you it enhances their performance. It can provide relief from sore muscles in other parts of your body, like your lower back or hamstrings.

There are also studies that indicate regular bodywork increases levels of endorphins (chemicals released during exercise that decrease stress and elevate mood) within your system allowing you to feel less stressed out overall.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether or not you can use a foot massager too much. If you are on your feet all day, then it makes sense that having constant access to soothing your feet might be something you benefit from.

However, if you are looking for ways to relax after work, rather than during work hours, then it might be easy to exceed how often you should really be using your device.

Whether or not overuse of these devices is actually harmful remains unclear because there haven’t been any recent studies specifically related to overuse of these devices.

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