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With WhichMassager, our mission is to provide you with the absolute best information no matter which step of the massage journey you are on. Whether this is your first time buying a massager or going to teach a course, we have what you need and want.

Our team works hard at making sure that all resources and reviews are created by real people for real problems so everything will be solved! That means we’re the best resource on-line for anything related to massage.

Our Team Is Passionate About Massage

Our team is made up of people from different backgrounds, but they all share the same thing: a passion for massage. We carefully select our staff with care- those who can edit and operate computers as well as those who are skilled in giving massages and writing articles.

Our goal is to help you find relief through one or more ways: maybe by editing your content or just simply providing some tips on how to relieve stress!


Director of Content

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Usen. He is an avid massage practitioner, entrepreneur, husband, and father who has a true passion for all kinds of sports like skiing and tennis. One day he stumbled upon the idea of using massage as a fitness method and it became his primary health vehicle shortly after; he likes how it develops strength, flexibility, and aerobic ability all at once.



Writer, Certified Massage Therapist

Jane got into massage to relieve stress and anxiety. After five years of practice, she realized she wanted to share the love and benefits of yoga with other people. So in 2018, Jane took a 200-hr Massage therapy Training.

Jane believes in inclusivity and that everyone can benefit from yoga regardless of age , ability, size or gender . She loves teaching kids massage and massage for seniors . As a masseuse , Jane makes sure that students honor their bodies by moving within a pain-free range off the mat ; sometimes this means not taking classes at all !

When not practicing her craft as an instructor or therapist, Jane writes about food on her blog: The Chia Pudding Lady & The Blog Chef! There you will find healthy recipes made from scratch like kombucha (fermented tea), kefir (a fermented milk drink), yogurt (made with live cultures) tempeh – which is essentially soy beans pressed together under heat often times mixed with grain such as millet or buckwheat cheese–which are cultured milk products similar to yogurt but without added flavors.



Writer, Certified Massuer

Lynn qualified in 2016 as a massage therapist. At the beginning, she firmly believed that with the right guidance, massage could benefit everyone – regardless of age, gender or size! Lynn wanted to grow and improve as a teacher and as a person so she continued to learn while developing her teaching style.

Some point later on Lynn realized that she wanted to share her experience with others so began writing about it too! Besides teaching & practicing massages for other people’s wellness needs, Lynn enjoys spending time in nature.

In addition to this attitude towards life-extending back from when they first started out their practice which includes all living beings including plants-Lynn has always been looking for ways at how they can create harmony between themselves and their surroundings which is why you will find them growing food trees-and rewilding parts of my garden.