Does Massage Oil Come Out Of Sheets?

Massage oils are great to have around the house and keep you relaxed and feeling refreshed. The only problem that many people have is that they’re hard to get out of the sheets when it comes time to change them. This article will give you some helpful tips on how to remove massage oil from your sheets so that they’re ready to go the next time you have a massage session. With these tips, you’ll be able to get back into relaxing mode in no time!

Does Massage Oil Come Out Of Sheets?
First of all, it’s important to realize that there are some oils that don’t come out of sheets. This isn’t always a bad thing. Just because your sheets have massaging oil on them doesn’t mean you can just strip them off your bed and throw them away. It may be worth it to leave these particular oils on your sheets overnight or give them a few hours before tossing them into the washer. But if you want more details, read below for our simple tips on how to remove massage oil from your sheets

2) Remove the Spread
If massage oil ended up on your sheets, start by blotting it with paper towels. The goal is to absorb as much of it as possible without adding extra detergent. Any oil that gets on your skin should be thoroughly washed off. However, don’t use a washcloth or towel that could transfer some of the oil back onto your sheets; using rags or paper towels will help you keep everything contained within a single area until you can launder it all at once. In cases where massage oil ends up on clothing, blot any excess onto a paper towel and then launder according to fabric type. Also note that denim takes special care when washing; when both detergent and water are applied directly, chemicals react in ways that damage jeans’ dyes over time.

3) Wash the Sheet Separately
You’ll want to get your sheets as clean as possible, so you’ll want to wash them separately from other laundry. You’ll also want to dry them completely before you put them back on your bed. If you don’t wash them alone, it’s very likely that massage oil will end up all over your regular clothes—which is never good. Also, because massage oil stains are different than regular stains, they’re harder to get out of clothing—but they can be removed with time and lots of washing (more on that later).

4) Saturate a Washing Sponge With Warm Water And Detergent
Now that you’ve massaged yourself off, you need to get any remaining oil off your sheets. The easiest way to do so is by using a hair dryer on high heat for about 30 seconds. Be careful not to burn yourself or your bedding! This will make removing most of the oil much easier. Afterward, saturate a washing sponge with warm water and detergent. Rub gently over your sheets until they are clean again. Don’t forget to wash your pillowcases as well!

5) Rub Off the Remaining Oil From the Sheet
It’s crucial that you get all of that oil off your sheets. This way, if you have a stain problem, it will be much easier to deal with. If your massage oil isn’t water-based, try placing an old towel on top of your bed after applying a little bit of detergent or soap. After soaking up as much oil as possible from one side of your sheet, flip it over and repeat with any remaining stains. In between each cycle of washing (more about that below), wipe down or air out your sheets so they can dry thoroughly before going back on your bed. If all else fails, ask for new ones!

6) Rinse Well
When you’re done with your massage, don’t be lazy—wash away that massage oil as soon as possible. If you don’t, you risk leaving behind a greasy stain on your sheets. Of course, not everyone has access to a washer and dryer immediately after getting massaged (and it can sometimes feel like an inconvenient process), but if you do, it’s worth your time. Doing so will ensure that there is no trace of massage oil left on your sheets so that when they are washed months later, no one knows about your little secret self-massage sessions.

7) Dry in Shade
First things first, you should try drying your sheets in a shaded area. Massage oil can be extremely difficult to get rid of once it dries, so you’ll want to try everything you can before resorting to chemicals or other extreme measures. By drying your sheets in a shady area, you give them time for any excess massage oil or residue left on them from your massage session to start evaporating. This will lessen any discoloration that might have occurred had they been dried while still damp. Consider using fans or setting up an area with multiple space heaters if you live somewhere humid where shade may not be an option. If possible, dry sheets away from direct sunlight as well.

8) Iron on Low Heat
It’s highly recommended you do not attempt removing massage oil from your sheets while they are still warm. You may end up with a stain that lasts long after your sheets have cooled down. Instead, iron on low heat directly over or around your unwanted spot. This will allow some of the oil to saturate into your clothes. Work from top to bottom and make sure you get out as much oil as possible before letting them cool off again (and transferring more oil). As soon as you can handle them, throw them in cold water for half an hour to fully remove any remaining oils. If there is a trace amount of residue left behind, using white vinegar mixed with water will help dissolve it.

Final Word
There is no way that you can completely prevent massage oil from coming out of your sheets after a massage, but there are ways that you can minimize it. A few tips: Before you get started with a massage, change into loose clothing. After your massage, wash your sheets as soon as possible to minimize damage. Finally, consider putting on an old t-shirt (instead of a towel) after giving yourself or someone else a massage. If you follow these steps, it’s unlikely that your sheets will be completely ruined. However, if they do come out stained there are several methods for removing these stains quickly and easily before they set

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