How Hot Are Hot Stone Massages?

Crop masseuse massaging back of client with hot stones

Hot stone massages are an increasingly popular treatment among people who enjoy indulging in spa treatments, as well as athletes and bodybuilders looking to relieve sore muscles after intense workouts. Hot stone massages might be relaxing, but they also offer therapeutic benefits that help your body heal itself.

However, before you go booking an appointment with a local massage therapist, there are some things you should know about this kind of treatment to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Read on to learn more about hot stone massages and how they can improve your overall health and well-being!

How Hot Are Hot Stone Massages? Did you know that hot stone massages can reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit? Even if you were expecting a hot treatment, you may be surprised by just how steamy it is!

While these massages may not be for everyone, they’re becoming increasingly popular for their ability to deliver intense heat that soothes tense muscles. You can learn more about what a hot stone massage is and how it works in our comprehensive guide below.

Is it for me?

Do you like a good massage? If so, you’re probably looking for an edge or twist on a traditional massage. You might have heard of hot stone massages and are wondering if they’re right for you. Here is your answer!

Although many spa facilities offer these types of massages, it’s best to get recommendations from people who have had them before; ask for referrals and search online for reviews about specific spas and what their clients liked (or didn’t like) about their experience.

Be sure that any facility you choose is safe, clean, and well-maintained—and has plenty of high-quality natural stones in stock that are ready for use on your skin.

What should I expect from a session?

The temperature of hot stone massage will vary. The stones are typically around 100 degrees, though they can be slightly cooler or warmer depending on what feels best for you.

They aren’t as hot as most people expect them to be (about as warm as a cup of tea), but they can certainly get hotter if that’s something you prefer.

Either way, expect your therapist will do some tests with varying levels of heat. There is no one size fits all approach to giving these massages, which means it might take some trial and error before you find what works best for you.

Hot stone massage vs. hot oil massage

The benefits of a hot stone massage are virtually identical to those of a hot oil massage. They’re both meant to induce relaxation, and they accomplish that with their warm, smooth stones and physical contact with your body.

What really sets them apart is hot stone massages are performed by trained massage therapists who can integrate different techniques into your hot stone massage for optimal results.

If you want your muscles worked on but don’t want someone touching you all over or if you feel like something more than an oil rubdown, then a professional-grade hot stone massage may be perfect for you.

Where can I get hot stone massages in my area?

Don’t have a local stone massage practitioner in your area? Don’t worry, they aren’t hard to find. Just search your city or town name along with hot stone massage on Google. For example, if you live in Dallas and want a hot stone massage, type in Dallas hot stone massage.

Additionally, there are also numerous online directories (such as Yelp) that can help you find local practitioners quickly.

When should I book a session?

Hot stone massages are one of my favorite types of massages, but booking an appointment is a commitment. So it’s important to know when you should schedule your session—and when you shouldn’t.

The next time you find yourself in need of a massage, ask yourself these questions first. If your answer is yes to any of them, it may be best to wait and schedule your hot stone massage at another time. Below are three questions every hot stone massage candidate should ask themselves before scheduling their appointment.

Keeping your stones heated

Many people love hot stone massages because of how soothing it feels. The heat from these stones relaxes your muscles, making them ideal for sore muscles, or any kind of muscle pain.

However, if you’re going to be performing a hot stone massage on someone who isn’t an acupuncturist, you’ll want to be very careful with keeping your stones at just the right temperature.

Overheating is easy and can cause serious burns; either cook them well in advance or use warm water stones that are safe for skin contact. Be sure you never place rocks directly on bare skin during a massage as they can get quite hot!

Aftercare instructions and tips

Just so you know, a massage with hot stones is not in any way related to giving birth. Those baby birthing stones are called lava rocks and they’re completely different from stone massage therapy.

Lava rocks are smooth and heavy, which makes them comfortable for a pregnant woman lying on her stomach. They’re often heated before use for added therapeutic effects; hot lava rocks can be placed on stiff muscles or used to provide warmth during delivery.

A stone massage works similarly—your therapist will select smooth stones of varying sizes, heat them in water and then use their hands or bamboo tools (called japanese massagers) to apply pressure on your skin while gliding over your body.

Final Word

Maybe you’ve heard of hot stone massages, but have no idea what they are or how they work. Maybe you’re a professional masseuse who wants to offer hot stone treatments at your business. Either way, it pays to learn more about these spa-worthy massages.

By reading up on them and asking around, you can not only better understand hot stone massage but also choose whether or not it’s right for you—and your business.

What Temperature Should Hot Stone Massage Be?


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