How To Clean Massage Table

If you’re running a massage therapy business, the last thing you want to do is cross-contaminate your clients by cleaning your tables with harsh chemicals or spreading germs by using the same cloth over and over again.

Fortunately, cleaning your massage table doesn’t have to be difficult or dangerous—just follow these 10 simple steps. They will help ensure that your tables are clean and safe every time you use them, so you can concentrate on the important things—like helping clients feel great!

Remove the cover

The first step in cleaning your massage table is removing any additional covers, sheets, and pillows. It’s best to remove everything from your table so that you can properly inspect all surfaces for debris or other signs of wear.

If it’s damaged or worn out, it may be time for a new cover. Remember: You want your massage therapy room clean and free of any distractions for your clients.

A simple but spotless environment is not only safe but also soothing and welcoming, which can help set the stage for an effective session. Use a soft-bristled brush: With a soft-bristled brush, gently remove any accumulated dust on your massage table—you don’t want dust floating around when you start massaging clients!

Clean the top area with an anti-bacterial solution

Keep a spray bottle of anti-bacterial solution handy. This can be used to clean your massage table before you begin, after each use and after cleaning it with soap. Anti-bacterial solutions are great for killing off germs and bacteria that may have built up on your table from previous customers.

It’s also good for removing stains or impurities in a thorough way. When choosing an anti-bacterial spray, look for one that contains phenoxyethano.

It will help your business license, as many state laws require you to use products that contain specific substances when cleaning surfaces where someone might touch their skin or put their face (like a massage table). This can save you some time and money while keeping you compliant at all times.

Wipe down the table

Remove any excess oil or lotion. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down your table top. Don’t forget to clean all of your knobs, hinges and controls. These surfaces also need cleaning on a regular basis. For deep cleansing, try using an alcohol wipe or vinegar and water solution (use 50/50 ratio).

You can make a spray by mixing 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts water in a spray bottle. After cleaning with either alcohol or vinegar, it is essential that you wipe down again with warm soapy water and dry it off completely before storing away!

Use an odor eliminator spray

A regular cleaning routine is a must for any massage business, and it’s important to get started as soon as you set up shop. But rather than just clean with disinfectant wipes once a week, consider investing in an odor eliminator spray so you can wipe down your table every day.

Every time you go over that fresh, clean smell on your business table, clients will be able to picture their own refreshed spa experience.

As an added bonus, using an odor eliminator means you’ll have less wear and tear on your table because you won’t have to rub too hard with those wipes. (And if anyone knows about taking care of tables, it’s massage therapists!)

Use an anti-static spray on the vinyl

An anti-static spray is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your table. Use one that includes a UV protection, as UV rays break down vinyl faster than any other factor. To prevent more damage in future cleanings, look for an anti-static spray that also includes sunscreen.

Pay special attention when cleaning where your body makes contact with vinyl, since oils from our skin can really start to build up there.

When it comes time for you to change sheets or launder your massage sheets after each use, consider buying anti-static, sun-protective laundry detergent specifically made for vinyl materials.

Vacuum the vinyl surface

Small particles of dust can build up on your table and then transfer to your client’s skin during a session. That’s why it’s important to vacuum and wipe down your table on a weekly basis.

You might also want to consider getting rid of drapes or bolsters that can collect oil, lotion, and makeup residue over time. Washing sheets every few weeks is a good idea, too. In fact, an old T-shirt works perfectly for cleaning all these things; just soak it in water with some mild soap and clean away!

Wash off any ground in oil stains with a degreaser

You may want to consider purchasing a commercial degreaser, like Simple Green. You can usually find them at your local hardware store, supermarket or warehouse club. Or you could just grab any old cleaner and use it on your massage table with great results.

Simply spray or wipe down all surfaces with a liberal amount of degreaser and wait for a few minutes for it to work its magic. Rinse off when you are done scrubbing. Not only will the grease come right off, but doing so should also loosen up any dirt that’s attached itself to your massage table.

Blow dry and brush out all water spots

If you don’t have time to clean your table right away, give it a blow dry and brush. It should help get rid of any water spots. Also, if you are going to put your sheet back on when you get home from work that day, don’t forget to do it while its still wet.

It will weigh down the corners of your massage table and prevent those creases that no one likes after a nice relaxing massage. This can be done by either hand or with an electric hair dryer.

Be careful not to let hot air in contact with wet wood as it can cause shrinkage and irreversible damage! Most good hair dryers come with heat/cool settings so use cool air only for drying out your table after using it!

Protect your table from sun damage with vinyl protectant.

When exposed to sunlight, vinyl massage tables can quickly become faded and damaged. Use a vinyl protectant like 303 High Tech Fabric Guard to protect your table from harmful UV rays. Just spray it on liberally, wipe off any excess with a clean rag, and let it dry before use.

It’s that easy! Protect your investment and keep your clients happy by keeping your table in top shape.

Put everything back on when finished cleaning.

Once you’ve cleaned your massage table, it’s time to put everything back where it belongs. This is a crucial step that many owners forget about.

When items are left out of place, they can cause issues later on in use. For example, a towel left draped over a headrest will quickly leave lint all over your clients and may even slip off into their hair during a session. Put everything back in its rightful place and then check for any further cleanup that might be needed.

Final Word

If you want a table that gives you years of flawless, injury-free sessions, invest in a good quality one. Cheap massage tables are flimsy and may not be able to withstand heavy use.

They also often lack features found on more expensive tables that make it easier for you to provide your clients with professional sessions.

It’s also important to have regular cleaning routines in place so that you keep your table as hygienic as possible—your clients will thank you for it! Let us know what you think; if there are other steps or tips we should include, let us know!

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