How To Connect Bluetooth to Massage Chair

A massage chair can be one of the best ways to relax after a long, stressful day at work or school, or to relieve some pain and stiffness that you may have in your back or other muscles. And with so many types and brands on the market, it can be hard to determine which one will be right for you.

Thankfully, by following these steps on how to connect Bluetooth to massage chair, you’ll find that choosing the right chair is easier than you thought!

Step 1: Verify Bluetooth

The first step is to verify that your massage chair has Bluetooth compatibility. Most, if not all, newer models do.

If you are unsure or are having problems with your setup, ask a member of your sales team for help. The representative should be able to help you easily connect your wireless device and confirm that your model supports wireless connectivity.

Step 2: Go into Settings

Once you’ve entered your profile info, click Bluetooth. You’ll see a list of available devices; choose your massage chair and click Pair.

This step may vary depending on what type of device you are trying to connect. For example, if your device is already paired with another phone or computer, it may not show up as an option for adding new devices. Don’t worry; that’s OK!

Step 3: Edit General Settings

Now that you have your audio source set up, you need to get it playing on your massage chair. Click on General Settings and tap or click on Bluetooth Audio. From here, you’ll see all of your compatible devices that are connected via Bluetooth.

Turn them both on and connect them with one another. Make sure that both devices stay awake when connected. That’s it! You can now enjoy music during your massage session by turning off your phone’s internal speaker and using headphones instead.

You can even select which song should play first before starting your massage session—just hold down play for about five seconds! Read more about our services and customer reviews .

Step 4: Enable Pairing Mode

On your mobile device, open up your Settings menu and select Bluetooth. If you’re on an iPhone, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Look for a green light next to Bluetooth—if it’s not lit up, tap it until it is.

You should see an option called Bluetooth Mode. Make sure that it is set to Pairing. By default, most massage chairs will have pairing mode activated.

Step 5: Set Find Me Feature for 1 Minute

This feature allows you and your partner (if you wish) to find each other easily. It also works as an emergency button that calls your partner if it’s activated accidentally. Simply hit OK when prompted, and choose one minute as your timer setting.

No further action is required on your part after entering Step 5. The machine will do everything else. Remember: If you use Find Me, only 1 person can use it at a time!

This means no one will be able to change the settings or even turn off Find Me while it’s turned on; Find Me must be turned off by going through these same steps if someone wants to disable it before 1 minute has elapsed. Your machine will start searching for up to 1 minute once you’ve finished going through these steps.

Step 6: Set Power on Password, if Available

While your massage chair is powered on, you should turn it off before connecting via Bluetooth. Most chairs have a Cancel button and if paired properly, pressing that button twice should return it to factory default settings.

When you turn off your chair, it will automatically go into pairing mode and be ready for Bluetooth connection once turned back on. Also note: There are many different types of massage chairs on the market—some of which are not bluetooth enabled.

Make sure you check with your provider before attempting any type of connection. Do some research and make sure that whichever chair you choose has built-in technology or is at least compatible with your devices or bluetooth headphones for massages.

Step 7: Save Changes & Exit Section

After step 8, you’ll have an option to pair your device. Choose that and then search for available devices on your mobile phone. When you find it, select it and press connect. You should now be able to activate voice commands with your phone.

However, if pairing didn’t work (for example, if another customer or technician paired their phone first), go back through steps 1-8 until you can successfully pair your device with your chair.

Step 8: Power On, then Turn Off before Paring with Headphones/Device

The first time you turn on your new massage chair, it should automatically come on with sound enabled and be ready for pairing.

However, if you have trouble getting your device to connect via bluetooth or audio jack, try turning off then back on. This allows you to reconnect via bluetooth. If that doesn’t work, change to another device such as an Android phone and try re-pairing (you will also want to power off before doing so).

If that still does not work, refer back to step 1 again. Keep trying each option until it connects! Or better yet, call us at 866-310-9498 and we can help sort out any issues you are having while pairing.

Step 9: Pair, then Activate

Once your phone and chair are both on Bluetooth, select Pair from your chair’s controls. Then, follow instructions on your phone to activate it as an output device for media.

This usually involves selecting that option under Settings > Bluetooth. Congratulations! You have successfully connected your mobile device with your massage chair. The last step is to enjoy yourself!

Step 10 (optional): Confirm Audio Still Works After Changing Sections, Restart Phone, Reboot Chair.

Most people (including myself) haven’t attempted connecting their phone to any new device for quite some time. This includes your own home-based massage chair.

After reconnecting, be sure that you confirm that audio still works when changing between music, podcasts and so on. Also, confirm that sound doesn’t cut out during any of these activities.

If anything seems off or doesn’t seem right after updating your phone’s Bluetooth connection or power cycling both devices (phone and chair), it might be worth restarting both devices again just in case.

And finally, if everything seems all right after those steps are taken, go ahead and reboot your massage chair one more time just for good measure before starting a massage session. 🙂

Final Word

The massage chair is more and more popular these days because of its special feature. Some models can work for about three hours without needing any help from an external power source, which is amazing since people nowadays are too busy to sit down for over three hours at a time.

However, there might be instances when you’d want to connect your device to play music or other features available on your phone or tablet. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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