How To Make Massage Candles

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As simple as this craft may seem, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make your own massage candles, which can greatly improve your massage experience. Massage candles are easy to make and fun to use, not to mention inexpensive!

All you need are the right ingredients, along with a few basic tools and an empty container that can be transformed into your new massage candle container. In this article, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions that will help you create your own homemade massagelike candle in 10 simple steps!

Step 1: Get Supplies

You can find most of these items online or at your local craft store. You’ll need two pounds of wax, a candle mold, fragrance oil, silicone spray and a good container for storing your finished product. You might also want an electric skillet or a Crock-Pot for melting wax.

Many specialty stores sell massage candles already made up—these are definitely worth checking out, but it’s nice to know how to make them yourself so you can customize your scent or color. And customizing is half the fun!

Step 2: Mix the Lye

Once your oils are combined, you need to add lye. Before adding it, mix 1⁄2 cup water with 1 teaspoon cream of tartar or lemon juice and stir together until blended.

Place a thermometer into your oil-water mixture and place in a safe location away from where you’ll be mixing—the fumes are very strong. Slowly pour your lye into your oil-water mixture while stirring constantly.

Do not let any of the lye water drip onto yourself or anything else that can burn! When mixed, allow your soap to cool down before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3: Pour Into Container

This step is pretty self-explanatory: Fill your container with melted massage oil and let it sit until completely cooled. I like to use glass or plastic containers so that no wax spills or leaks out, but you can also use Mason jars if you prefer.

Be sure to leave at least 2 inches between top of container and top of candle. This space will allow for enough room for your wick once you add it in Step 7.

If your massage candles are going on a gift-giving binge, you may want to consider using small containers instead of one large container (and smaller wicks). That way, everyone receives their own personal gift without having any extra leftovers!

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Step 4: Color & Add Fragrance (optional)

The color and fragrance of your candles is completely up to you. If you don’t have any color or scent additives, that’s fine too! It just depends on what colors or scents you want your candles to be.

For example, if you want all of your candles one color, and one smell (say… vanilla), then you would mix all of your ingredients together except for anything that has add color or add fragrance on it. Then, add those separately at different points in step 6. It really doesn’t matter when you do it; just don’t put them both in at once!

Step 5: Let Set & Cool

Once you have reached 185 degrees, remove your mixture from heat and let it sit for 5 minutes. Once cool enough to touch, add fragrance and color as desired. If you are planning on packaging your candles as gifts, place them in a glass or non-reactive container for 2 weeks for optimal cure time.

After two weeks, store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. Now that you have made massage candles at home, all that is left is enjoy! And remember… don’t be afraid of a little wax. It’s easy to clean up with rubbing alcohol or soap and water! 🙂

Step 6: Cut Into Squares

Using a sharp knife, cut each cube into six or eight pieces depending on desired size of massage candle. You can choose a nice shape and size for these cubes but it is important to cut them first and then store them until they have dried completely.

After cutting, place pieces onto wax paper squares that have been placed onto cookie sheets or cake plates, making sure that all pieces are apart from one another as you do not want them sticking together during drying. The more airflow around your cubes, the better.

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Step 7: Wrap With Ribbon or String

It’s now time to make your massager more presentable. First, let’s cut and strip some wax-coated cotton string. Start by cutting a length of 4–5 feet. Next, fold about half of it under itself at one end; then take it back over that fold, wrapping tightly around itself all of the way down to where you started.

Cut off any excess string and repeat with another foot or so of string on the other side. Finally, remove most of your newly wrapped ribbon by holding each end against a candle flame until it melts enough for you to pull away most of it—it doesn’t have to be pretty underneath, though neatly wrapping and trimming is much neater looking once you finish.

Step 8: Decorate With Felt Heart, Feathers, Glitter, etc.

Using hot glue, apply a heart-shaped piece of felt to candle holder with center placed on bottom. Then, use feathers or other decorative materials to complete your creation.

Now that you know how to make massage candles , you can easily make custom candles for gift giving and personal use! You can also think outside of Valentine’s Day by using colored hearts or adding sparkle on holidays like Christmas or birthdays.

Go ahead and feel good knowing that while you are pampering yourself, you are also helping others look good too!

Step 9 : Label & Package

For a professional and inviting look, you can use any of several different types of labels on your massage candles. Consider adding a logo or simple design that incorporates a tagline, like Enjoy Soothing Skin & Sensual Pleasure or Feel Better with Our Massage Candle.

You can also add scent information and ingredients or create simple packaging by gluing your labels onto parchment paper or kraft gift tags. Once you decide on your label design, simply print out several copies at home, cut them down to size, and glue them onto each candle jar before gifting them or selling them online.

Step 10 : Done! All ready to sell!

You’re all done! Simply package up your massage candles and you’re ready to sell them. If you’re using candles made with soy wax, be sure they are fully cooled before packaging. A quick trip through a candle warmer can help remove any residual wax and get them smelling fresh and ready for gifting.

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