How To Move Massage Chair

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Moving your massage chair can be difficult because it’s heavy and unwieldy, but there are many methods you can use to make it easier. A little preparation goes a long way, so be sure to study the following guide before you move your massage chair into its new location.

You don’t want to wind up damaging your new investment or injuring yourself in the process! If you still have questions after reading this article, contact us at our store and we’ll be happy to help you out!

1) Pack It Right

If you need to move a massage chair, there are some important things to keep in mind. You’ll want to make sure you pack your chair correctly so that nothing is broken during transit.

These tips will help you move your chair with care and ensure that it arrives safely at its new home. There’s no reason to take a chance on damaging your chair; let these suggestions guide you through your relocation.

2) Turn On The Anti-Theft Alarm

Whether you’re moving your massage chair from room to room in your house or taking it with you on vacation, make sure to turn on its anti-theft alarm.

Some people do a double check before heading out, but for extra safety and peace of mind, make sure there are no batteries missing from your chair’s power strip and that it is turned all the way up to 100 percent.

Also, be sure to take any electrical cords with you. While they might seem small in size, they can actually become dangerous trip hazards and slip away easily if not taken care of properly.

3) Cover The Exterior Of The Crate

You will want to cover your massage chair with a heavy-duty tarp to protect it from any damage that may occur while in transit. For example, if you have an office chair or folding massage chair, make sure that you cover it completely.

Pay close attention to keeping all hinges covered so they are not scratched. You can easily find moving blankets at most stores and if you are in a pinch then regular blankets will do just fine for covering.

4) Stretch Open The Top and Bottom End

When a massage chair is brand new, you might find that it gets stuck on occasion. You can help make sure your body doesn’t get stuck in your chair by stretching it open.

Be mindful not to over-stretch; if you are lifting with one side of your body, try to lean towards that side instead of pulling away from it. Open up all sides to prevent yourself from getting stuck in your chair during its first use or when moving it into storage.

5) Lift And Pull With A Team

While it is certainly possible to move a massage chair by yourself, doing so is neither safe nor easy. If you have access to another person or two, consider hiring help. The extra hands will make moving much easier and safer for both you and your new massage chair.

Alternately, if you live in an apartment complex or any other location with common areas, find out if there are others who can help you move your equipment from one room to another.

By coordinating multiple people with vehicles and muscle power, you’ll be able to efficiently move your massage chair from location to location.

6) Restrap When Done

If you’re moving your massage chair in a car, you should take care to secure it while driving. You don’t want a heavy piece of equipment coming loose on the highway, potentially causing an accident.

It might seem like it would be easier just to leave all straps attached, but that means you’ll have one extra step when you arrive at your destination: taking off all those straps. Instead, restrap once you get where you’re going.

The same logic applies if you’re moving it by hand; simply use one strap through each of your initial loops to keep it snug and safe until unloading is complete.

7) Slide Down First, Then Stand Up

If you’re moving a massage chair with wheels and a handle, start by sliding it forward until you reach a corner or doorway. Next, bend your knees and place one hand on your thigh.

With the other hand, grab onto the handle. Use both hands to lift upward—remember to keep your back straight and don’t lean backward. When you’ve finished standing up, take another step forward so that you can slide it along smoothly again. Repeat these steps until you reach your new location (or your arms give out!).

8) Dissemble Before Moving Backwards

Many massage chairs come apart easily, making them easy to move. Always disassemble your chair before moving it. It’s important to ensure that you can keep it together during transit and un-assembly is a must.

Some models are held together with screws, while others have special connectors that click into place. Consult your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure how to proceed.

9) Set Up For Next Use Quickly

The first step to moving your massage chair is setting it up for next use. That might mean that you’re transporting it in a way that doesn’t involve needing to set it up again before use.

If you’re trying to move your massage chair on an airplane, set it up as soon as you get it off of said plane so that you can quickly put it away when you land.

If you are simply taking your chair from one place of residence to another or vice versa, then make sure that everything is packed and ready beforehand so you won’t have any loose ends hanging out once setup is complete.

10) Check All Connections

You don’t want to lift your massage chair and find out a connection is loose. Do a quick inspection of all connections—power, air supply and computer—to make sure they’re tight.

And if you have wheels on your massage chair, make sure they’re attached tightly; if any aren’t on securely, consider taking them off (you can always put them back on once you get your chair into its new location).

Just to be safe, it might also be worth doing a test run with all of these components attached before you attempt to move your massage chair.

Final Word

If you are moving a heavy massage chair, it is important to understand how to properly lift and move it. If you aren’t careful when moving such a large piece of equipment, you could easily damage your back, knees or arms.

It is imperative that you utilize correct lifting techniques before attempting to maneuver heavy furniture items. Regardless of whether you are performing your own DIY relocation or hiring a professional moving company, consider these tips for safely transporting a massage chair

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