How To Prepare For A Swedish Massage

How To Prepare For A Swedish Massage: 9 Ways To Ensure The Most Relaxing Experience Possible

Anyone who has ever had the chance to experience a Swedish massage knows just how rejuvenating and pleasurable it can be. With its relaxing atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this form of massage has become so popular in recent years. However, it’s important to know how to prepare for this type of massage and what to expect when you go into the spa or treatment center and sit down on the table for your massage. Here are nine ways you can prepare to have the most relaxing Swedish massage possible and get the most out of your treatment experience!

1) Don’t Drink Alcohol Before
People often turn to alcohol before a massage to help relax. However, alcohol may be dehydrating, which can make it hard for your body to move fluid out of your muscles and into your bloodstream, where it can work on relaxing you. What’s more, drinking will also likely loosen up your inhibitions. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you plan on getting naked or want a slower-paced massage that isn’t as intense; however, if you want a deep-tissue massage that focuses on certain muscle groups and works at a high intensity level, alcohol can hamper your experience.

2) Avoid Coffee Before
Even if you’re not normally a coffee drinker, avoid caffeinated drinks before your massage. While caffeine can help with alertness and focus, it can also be dehydrating. Avoid anything that is overly taxing on your heart or respiratory system during or after your massage. You don’t want to feel lightheaded! If it helps, schedule your massage right after lunch so you have time to digest. Also make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your day as well. Hydration is key! If a glass of wine makes it easier for you to relax and unwind at night, try having one before dinner instead of going right to bed afterwards and then schedule your massage in between dinner and bedtime so you still get enough sleep!

3) Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing
If you want to take your clothes off for a massage, make sure they’re loose and comfortable. That way, it’s easier to relax and be completely at ease during your appointment. You won’t feel as though you have to hold yourself in a certain position or cover up as much of your body because what you wear is ideal for a massage. Choose Your Favorite Scented Lotions Or Oils: It may seem like an odd thing to do before getting a massage, but if there are some scented lotions or oils that help you unwind, make sure they’re on hand before your appointment time.

4) Ask Questions About Discomfort or Pain
Just because you’re getting a massage doesn’t mean you should just sit back and relax; active participation is often key to a more successful session. If something hurts, tell your therapist. Some discomfort or pain is a normal part of any therapeutic massage, but if it gets too intense, speak up so they can adjust their pressure. If anything feels off, let them know.

5) Give Yourself Time After the Session
While you may feel loose and ready to run a marathon right after your massage, you should still give yourself time to rest. Even though you’re coming off an invigorating session, your body needs time to recover from such an intense form of relaxation. Your muscles will be tired from all of their hard work and will require more time than usual to return to their normal state. And don’t forget about those endorphins—they are powerful drugs! Be sure not get up too quickly and avoid movements that put pressure on your body. You want those happy hormones circulating for as long as possible! Follow these simple steps, take it easy for a few hours, and revel in your blissful state of relaxation!

6) Sleep on it
Many people rush to a massage after a stressful day or week. While your masseuse can help you achieve a level of relaxation, it’s best to sleep on it first. You should be well rested and relaxed before beginning a massage; otherwise, your body won’t be prepared for what’s coming. This is also why you should eat light meals before heading in for your session—you don’t want anything putting pressure on your digestive system. If you can get into one of those comfy robes beforehand, all the better!

7) Take Your Time Getting Up/Going Home
Many people who get a massage are in a hurry to leave or get up at their first opportunity, but that’s not how you should go about it. You should instead treat yourself like royalty and bask in your relaxation for as long as possible before getting up. There’s no need to rush out of there – relax and enjoy! Stay away from your phone/laptop until you absolutely have to check something important or until your masseuse tells you that you can use them again. That way, you can truly enjoy being there, rather than constantly wishing that you were elsewhere.

8) Consider a Prenatal Massage (If Pregnant!)
If you’re pregnant, it may be hard to get comfortable in certain positions. But if you have a sensitive back or are achy from carrying around all that extra weight, consider booking a prenatal massage before your other appointments. It can help prepare your body for deeper stretches and release tension in problem areas. Plus, most prenatal massage therapists will take it easy on you so as not to aggravate anything!

9) Research Reviews!
Before your massage begins, make sure to tell your massage therapist if you have any conditions or areas of concern. Some therapists will even ask you to fill out a form that outlines what’s going on with your body (anxiety, back pain, etc.) so they can best treat you. This conversation also gives you a chance to make any necessary requests like softer music or dimmer lights. Then—because it never hurts to be prepared—do some research on different types of massages and their benefits.

Final Word
While massage therapy isn’t exactly a new industry, there is always room for improvement when it comes to how to deliver an effective, relaxing session. Having someone you trust touch you in potentially intimate places can be a nerve-wracking experience that could have been avoided if you understood what was about to happen. Don’t sweat it though, because all is not lost! Take some time now to learn about some simple tips and tricks that will make your next massage experience more enjoyable and relaxing than ever before. From prepping yourself mentally and physically to understanding what happens during each part of a typical session—there are plenty of ways for you to put your mind at ease and enjoy a truly blissful treatment!

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