How To Remove Massage Gun Attachments

Have you recently purchased a massage gun and are ready to remove the attachments? If so, follow these simple steps and you’ll be set in no time! In fact, you can remove your massage gun attachments and start using your gun almost immediately!

Here are the 10 easy steps to remove your massage gun attachments! You will need a 9/16 wrench, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can still do this without it.

However, if you have one available, it will make this even easier! You might also need pliers depending on how tightly the nuts are stuck on to the attachment and handle.

Things you need

A pipe wrench, safety goggles and leather gloves. The leather gloves are necessary if you have plastic or fiberglass massage gun attachments. Both materials can be scratched or marred during removal, so it’s best to keep your hands safe from damage.

All other materials should already be included with your massage gun attachment set. You also need a bucket of warm water and a small plastic bucket with rags for drying off your attachments when you’re done removing them.

Take extra care when you take apart electrical connections, cables and air hoses in case there are any rust issues that could ruin internal components on your attachments.

Step 1: Use pliers to unscrew the screw

Place your pliers over top of the screw and gently but firmly grip it. Turn counterclockwise until you feel it give way. It may take some force, but don’t worry; you won’t damage anything by applying too much pressure.

Once loose, carefully pull off your attachment with your hand. If there is any resistance, be sure to stop and check for any remaining parts that might still be attached before continuing to work on them.

Step 2: Pull off the attachment using pliers

If you have pliers at home, use them now. Put them under your attachment and pull upwards so that it comes off. If you don’t have pliers then you can use anything hard like a key or other metal object to pull it off.

Pulling off attachments with your hands is a lot harder than pliers because they will get tired pretty easily and slip more often than not. Always have back up equipment in case of emergencies. All professionals make sure they always keep extra equipment on hand just in case something breaks down.

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Step 3: Use pliers on both sides of tube

If you have difficulty twisting both sides of your attachments with your hands, try using pliers for better grip. Position pliers on one side of tube and rotate slowly. After a couple rotations, reposition pliers and repeat until attachment comes loose. Repeat for other side of tube.

Step 4: Use something hard and flat, like a wrench

Press down on one of your gun attachments and get something hard and flat, like a wrench, beneath it. This will help create leverage so you can remove it. Be careful not to damage your massage gun attachments in any way. Doing so could prevent you from using them in later sessions.

Step 5: Put one side in pliers and put wrench on other side

We have found that gripping your parts in a vice or pliers allows you more leverage when it comes time to remove them. This also makes removing your attachments a lot safer.

You don’t want something coming loose, flying across your garage, and striking you in the head or face. Protect yourself by using some sort of vice or tool designed for holding objects in place while they are worked on.

Step 6: Hammer down hard until it comes off

Insert your nail between the two screws. Then firmly hit it down into place with a hammer until you hear it click. Repeat for all of your screws until they’re completely undone. The gun is now disassembled, but there’s still a little more work to do before you can take off your attachments. Let’s move on to step 7!

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Step 7: You are ready to move on to the next piece

grab one of your rotational arms and remove it from its slot. Please be aware that some massage guns have different-sized slots, so make sure you know which piece goes where.

Once you find a match, hold onto your attachment in a firm grip while rotating it downwards. This will cause it to fall into place easily. If needed, refer back to step 4 for reference.

Step 8: If you have time now, use lubricant or WD40 on new part.

If you do not have time, let part sit for 24 hours before assembly. If you have time now, use lubricant or WD40 on new part. If you do not have time, let part sit for 24 hours before assembly.

Then re-attached it and try again. If it still does not turn with your hand then find a tool to help turn it. Do not force anything too hard or bend anything, if you do that is normal. Just keep trying until it turns by hand.

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Step 9 & 10 Wrap It Up! One Last Look Before Putting The Cap On

Before you apply pressure and place your cap on, make sure you see that each attachment is in its proper place. A good way to ensure you are applying even pressure is by holding a small flashlight inside of each handle and viewing it from outside.

Remember, not every piece has an O-ring in them so if you notice one doesn’t have a seal that may be why it didn’t seat properly into place. All O-rings should be accounted for when putting your massage gun back together; if there’s anything missing or wrong with any of them please take note before moving on.

Final Word

Getting some relief from sore, tired muscles after a long day is what massage guns are all about. This type of equipment is increasingly becoming popular among people who regularly do construction work or similar types of jobs that require physical labor.

For these individuals, massage guns make it possible for them to relieve themselves of pain and aches faster than waiting for their body to naturally recover on its own.

Some experts have come up with ways in which you can detach your massage gun’s attachments on your own without risking damage to your device and still gain access to beneficial features such as a motorized heating component, vibration settings and other unique functions.

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