How To Reset Ogawa Massage Chair

How to reset your Ogawa massage chair in 9 easy steps

In today’s busy world, many of us are looking for ways to treat ourselves and relax our mind and body after a long day at work or school. There are many different ways you can do this, but one of the best (and most convenient) is by using an Ogawa massage chair in your home or office. These chairs deliver a relaxing and therapeutic massage that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed every time you use it, but if you ever want to reset the chair back to its factory settings, there are 9 simple steps you need to follow in order to do so properly…

1) Getting started
Unplug or turn off your chair. This is an important first step because it ensures that you will not electrocute yourself as you proceed with any of these instructions. You can leave it unplugged or shut off, but it’s a good idea to double-check that you turned everything off and unplugged everything before starting! But first, read through all of these instructions carefully.

2) Step 1 – Remove Cushion and Pillow
Remove any pillow or cushioning from your Ogawa chair. You will find a panel located on either side of you seat near where your shoulders rest. These panels will open up and expose a USB port, two buttons and an Ethernet cord. Step 2 – Shut Down Massage Chair: Using either one hand or both hands, hold down both buttons simultaneously for 1 full minute. Note: It is important not to release these buttons during that minute as doing so may cause damage to your machine. Your massage will shut off immediately after that minute elapses and you may proceed with Step 3. Step 3 – Re-Assemble Cushion and Pillow: Put back on pillow, remove Ethernet cord and close panels covering the ports back up with sliding door locks.

3) Step 2 – Loosen Locking Nuts
Locate and loosen up two small locking nuts that secure your reclining arm assembly. (Remember, it’s an overhead recliner, so you’ll need to locate two locking nuts.) Using a wrench, turn each nut about 1/4 turn until you feel resistance. Continue making these quarter turns until each of them is completely removed from their location on their respective shafts. Set these aside as they will not be used again for further disassembly.

4) Step 3 – Loosen Screws on Base
Remove all screws from both legs of your massage chair with a Phillips screwdriver. You will need to do so before you can lift off or lower your base. These screws hold each leg onto its crossbar, so you will see an X shape at both ends of each leg when it is fully assembled. The holes where these screws went are small, so make sure not to drop any in their entirety into there while taking off and reassembling. This can be frustrating when putting it back together and you don’t have a way of getting them out again without buying a specialized screwdriver that reaches deep into those little nooks and crannies.

5) Step 4 – Disconnect Wires from Massage Unit
Before beginning, disconnect power from all electrical outlets. While you might be tempted to just flip a few breakers, you can cause more damage if something goes wrong—and that’s not an accident you want on your list of things to deal with when trying to relax after a long day. Then, disconnect all wires that are connected from unit and remove any face-plates or protective covers. If there is an access panel on top of unit, remove screws holding it in place and lift up lid. If wires still remain connected from remote control panels or other items, ensure they are disconnected before moving onto next step.

6) Step 5 – Move Power Cable out of the Way
The power cable may be quite heavy, so it’s best to get it out of the way. Hold one end of your power cable, stand up and slowly move it away from where you’re working. You can use a bungee cord or a sling looped around a nail on one wall to hang it up when not in use. Alternatively, you could simply place it on an elevated surface, such as another chair or even a table if you don’t want to put holes in walls. However, always ensure that it is well-secured by using something like tape or zip ties if necessary; otherwise, I would definitely recommend using anti-slip mats underneath any area that you place heavy items on.

7) Step 6 – Remove Chair from its Base Section
The size of your body and how you sit will ultimately determine how low or high you need to remove and place your chair. If you’re taller, for example, you’ll want to lower it as far as possible; if you are shorter, do so only slightly. Ultimately, be sure that your knees rest comfortably against a cushion before lowering and lifting it back into its base section. This will keep them from getting banged up against hard plastic when using your machine.

8) Step 7 – Undo Assembly with Allen Key
Remove your Allen key by turning it counterclockwise. If you can’t find your Allen key, and you have some other sort of small, Phillips-head screwdriver on hand, use that instead. In rare cases, you may need a hex wrench or another type of specialty tool. Check your owner’s manual to see what tools you need and where they should be stored during treatment sessions. Step 8 – Undo Speaker Placement: If you have an Ogawa Pro-Lux or Pro-Elite model (and most other similar models), simply unplug both of its speakers from their power connections at back of massage seat frame.

9) Step 8 – Put it All Back Together Again
It’s time for final assembly. By now, you should have it down to a science and can crank these guys out pretty quickly, but don’t let that lull you into complacency. Make sure each component is properly aligned and is securely fastened before moving on to other pieces. The last thing you want is a machine that wobbles or shakes while patients are using it! Once assembled, take it for a test drive by lifting weights or have someone test it with their weight while they sit on it or lay down. You’ll be able to feel if there are any areas of looseness or instability during movement. Fix those problem areas and make adjustments as needed until everything feels right.

Final Word
If you have an Ogawa massage chair and want to find out how to easily change or alter settings on it, follow these simple instructions: Start by turning off your machine by pressing both of its power buttons. If you cannot reach one of these controls, it is often wise to unplug it. Next, push and hold one of its buttons for at least 20 seconds. After pushing a button, release it while holding down another button; do not let go of any button until you have held them both down for 20 seconds. To simplify things further and make these instructions easier to follow, I’ve included images as well: Press & hold Power (red) & Mode (green). Keep holding until done. This resets all system settings back to factory default!

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