How To Reset Osim Massage Chair

If you have an Osim massage chair, you know how luxurious it feels to lay back and relax while the chair massages your entire body with its soothing kneading, rolling, and tapping movements. What most people don’t know, however, is that these chairs have many built-in features that allow them to be adjusted to provide different levels of relief depending on what kind of massage you prefer and how tight or loose your muscles are feeling at the time. These built-in features also enable you to treat yourself to different massages at different times during the day without needing more than one chair in your home.

Get your chair ready
Before you reset your massage chair, make sure to save any data you may have been working on. To do so, press your Erase button on your remote control and confirm by pressing OK. You may also want to remove any personal belongings from the chair before starting—this step is purely optional but it could prevent you from accidentally throwing out something that shouldn’t be thrown out. Finally, get ready for a little bit of a workout; as we mentioned above, reclining massage chairs are heavy pieces of furniture and reclining them requires an extra push to get them upright again. You will probably need someone else nearby to help with some of these steps.

Unplug it from its power source
When your Osim massage chair is not being used, you need to unplug it from its power source. You should do so for a number of reasons. First, if you have children or pets who are likely to play with it, you can prevent them from hurting themselves by tripping over cords that may be around it or touching them by unplugging them. Second, if there is an electrical outage due to bad weather or for some other reason, your chair will still function as normal when you plug it back in after your area has been powered up again. This keeps injuries and issues like these from happening as well as ensures that your chair works properly during an outage.

Lift the lid and remove any cushions on the seat
Use your hands to lift off any cushions. You may need to put pressure on a side of each cushion and then slide it off. If your massage chair has a padded cover, you’ll have to unlatch or unzip it to remove it as well. Then, carefully lift out any cushions and place them aside. Next, pull out the seat cushion and place it near you for easy access later.

Remove any other parts (like head pillows)
Sit on your chair and then lean back as far as you can. Next, remove any head pillows, footrests or other accessories so you can access your console. Lift up: Now that all of your accessories are removed, lift up on your chair’s back rest to remove it from its base. Get out: Remove yourself from the chair and then slide out any arm rests or side lumbar supports, too. Hit Stop: Now that everything is removed, hit Stop to turn off your massage chair before starting work.

Turn your chair off completely by pressing the O button until a red light appears on the control panel
Turn your chair on by pressing O until a green light appears on the control panel. Turn your chair off by pressing O until a red light appears on the control panel: Press N and then O (on screen) until 9999 flashes (approximately 3 seconds). Then press START once: If a number is displayed other than 9999, repeat step 5. If a number other than 9999 does not appear, turn your chair off and try again.

Wait 10 minutes
Resetting your Osim massage chair is a very quick process, but it should be done at least once per week. The first thing you’ll want to do is unplug and disconnect your chair for 10 minutes before starting. If you need to get up during that time, no problem; just make sure to check back in after 10 minutes have passed. Unplugging your chair should stop its current session, so there’s no risk of it restarting when you’re not ready. If that’s not enough time to get some other work done around the house or office, flip through some magazines on paper instead of checking Facebook on your phone.

Final Word
Once you’ve pressed that on button and your chair is cycling through its startup sequence, listen for a low-pitched tone. This signifies that your chair is now ready to accept commands from you. To shut down, press 0 once more—this will stop it from booting back up until you want it to. Your massage chair should stay quiet until you want to use it again! If not, make sure there are no error messages displayed on screen—if so, consult your owner’s manual or contact customer service if further assistance is needed.

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