How To Use Massage Gun Heads

Massage guns are one of the best tools to use on yourself or others to achieve relief from muscle aches and pains in the back, legs, arms and shoulders. They can also be used to help relax the body and mind, lower stress levels and increase blood circulation in different parts of the body.

But if you’re new to massage guns, it can be challenging figuring out how to properly use one to get the most benefit from it. Follow these 10 simple steps below to learn how to use massage gun heads like a pro!

1) Roll Up and Call it a Day

So you’ve got your glute gun. It’s time to fire that bad boy up and start shooting—but not quite yet. If you don’t do it right, all of that hard work might just go down the drain. First, you need to wrap up your client with some other tools before using a glute gun on them.

A roller is an excellent place to start, as it releases tension throughout the body and allows blood flow (and therefore oxygen) more easily throughout muscle tissue. Glutes are no exception, so roll those puppies up first before getting out your glute gun for a deep tissue massage!

2) Head Shoulders Knees and…I’m Done

No matter your fitness level, regular massages can work wonders. Unlike other treatments, they don’t require any equipment or experience. If you have access to a massage gun, you have all you need to benefit from regular massages.

The problem? It can be hard knowing where and how to get started with self-massages. Here are some easy tips for using massage gun heads like a pro so that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated wherever you go! 1.

Don’t Scrub You already know that rubbing sore muscles isn’t always pleasant—and it doesn’t work anyway!

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3) Give Yourself Enough Time

No matter what kind of massage tool you’re using, it’s important that you not be in a rush. Give yourself plenty of time and space so you can take your time and focus on every area that needs some attention.

If you’ve got friends or family nearby, ask them to give you about 20 minutes to an hour for your massage (it might seem weird, but they’ll understand). That way there’s no interruption and no pressure; just all your focus on getting from point A (tense shoulders) to point B (relaxed shoulders).

You can also create your own little Zen space by turning off your phone, setting aside some quiet time, lighting candles or putting on music–whatever works best for you.

4) Keep One Hand on the Trigger

If you’re using your massage gun on your own back, it can sometimes be difficult to keep one hand on the trigger and one hand on yourself. Avoid accidents by resting your left hand firmly against your side or hip.

If you’re applying lotion instead of pressure, make sure that your body is always within reach of your right hand. If not, it will be hard for you to apply enough pressure without slipping off target. Remember: it’s always better to move too far than not far enough when giving yourself a massage.

How To Use Massage Gun On Shoulder

5) Get ‘Em Right Where It Hurts

One of things that sets massage guns apart from other self-massagers is how easily they can get into tight spots. The heads are larger than those of many electric massagers and because they’re attached by a wire, you can move them around as you please.

If it’s your neck, shoulders or back that need attention, try using one hand to hold your body part taut while directing (or thrusting) your massage gun’s head right into any sore spots or kinks.

It may feel intense at first but remember – when pain is good, it means it’s working! And with time and practice you’ll soon be hitting those hard-to-reach areas on autopilot.

6) Do Not Forget Your Neck

A tense neck can be pretty painful and cause your head to ache. So make sure you get your neck worked on while you are receiving your massage, because it will also improve blood flow throughout your body.

Use oil on your neck so that it glides easily during treatment and apply pressure by leaning forward and pressing down with both hands firmly on either side of your head.

You can also lean back and place a pillow behind you so that when you lean forward onto it, it creates compression over your shoulder blades—which is where most tension builds up. A few minutes here should have noticeable effects.

7) Be Gentle Around the Joints

Think of trigger points as points of tension. Think about someone who has carpal tunnel syndrome—tension builds up in their wrist and makes it hard for them to work or perform other tasks. This can also happen with your muscles and lead to all sorts of injuries if you don’t pay attention.

We’ll get into more detail about how massage gun heads can help with these sorts of problems, but first, let’s talk about why they matter.

Trigger points are tiny knots formed within our muscles when we experience excessive amounts of stress or repetitive strain over time. It basically works like a tourniquet around your muscle cells, inhibiting blood flow and causing pain and discomfort.

How To Use Massage Gun On Shoulder

8) Cover Every Part of The Body For Deep Relief

The key to getting relief from massaging gun heads is letting them cover every part of your body. The heads are made from an advanced material that allows them to cover any surface evenly and with ease.

It also helps that you can buy multiple heads so you can get relief on different parts of your body simultaneously.

This ensures an effective massage session no matter what kind of pressure you need or what part of your body needs attention. Whether it’s a neck, shoulder, or backache—these massagers will take care of it for you!

9) Add Some Pressure To Deepen the Stimulation

Adding pressure is one of those techniques that could be described as either advanced or basic, depending on your perspective.

We consider it an advanced technique because you’re adding an extra layer of force onto an existing surface area, which can deepen your massage and help loosen tight muscles.

If you don’t want to add pressure, stick with moderate hand pressure—otherwise, turn up that dial! You could also try resting your forearm weight on top of a tennis ball for deeper results.

How To Use Massage Gun On Calves

10) Work Yourself Toward Relief by Gently Striking The Painful Spots

You’ll definitely feel tension and pain in some spots on your body, which is why massage gun heads are so handy.

There’s no need for oils or lotions; instead, you can apply targeted strikes to relieve tension at home whenever you need it. Whether your shoulders are stiff after work or you just want to relax before bed, give yourself a quick massage with a pressure point ball head.

The great thing about these tools is they don’t take up too much space and are easy to pack when traveling. You can even load them into a small bag, purse or gym bag and carry them with you wherever you go.

Final Word

For many of us, it’s almost impossible to imagine going through life without experiencing some sort of massage. Whether you’re talking about massages at home or professional massages at a salon, there are always good reasons for trying it out.

On top of all that, there are now so many different types of massage available that you should have no problem finding one that fits your needs and tastes perfectly.

As is always true when it comes to experiences, start with something small and simple before moving on to more complex models if you decide it’s worth pursuing further. Use these easy steps to learn how to get your hands on everything from a hand-held gun head and foot massager!

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