How To Use Massage Gun On Lower Back

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If you find yourself unable to move after sitting too long at work, your body might be telling you it’s time to get up and move around.

But if you can’t, don’t worry, there are other ways to relieve lower back pain that you can use while at work or on the go!

One option is a handheld massage gun like The Original Muscle Wizard, which uses penetrating deep-kneading action to relieve muscle tension and pain throughout your body, including your lower back. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using massage guns safely and effectively.

Step 1: Getting Ready

Picking Out a Massage Gun & Cleaning It. The first step when using any massage device is making sure you have picked out a quality model that will be effective for your needs. And because there are so many options on the market, it’s important to do your research before you make any purchase.

Think about what you need, check out reviews and see if there is anything specific or unique that pertains to your personal preferences.

Some of my favorite products are listed below (linked). So always do your homework before jumping into anything blindly. Then once you’ve decided on one, make sure its cleaned and ready for use by following these simple steps

Step 2: Laying Down in Bed

Unless you’re planning on using it while sitting, your massage gun is going to need plenty of space in order to do its job properly. To begin, lay down on your back (though if you want a more intense experience, feel free to use any other position).

Try rolling yourself into a fetal position first and placing pillows between your knees for added comfort and pressure.

You may also wish to fold over an extra pillow or two for support; it’s not uncommon for people in chronic pain from lower back issues to feel faint or weak during massage therapy so make sure you have some support nearby just in case.

This way, when your body does start feeling week as a result of all that sweet release, you won’t have far to fall.

Step 3: Turning on the Shiatsu Massager

At any point, you can pick up your unit and flip it over. Here you’ll find three buttons, each of which controls different functions: heat (1), timer (2) and strength/speed (3).

This is where you’ll also find an adjustment wheel for changing massage intensity and a nice big ON/OFF button that switches your unit on or off as needed. For example, if it’s plugged in but not running, pressing ON/OFF will turn it on. Holding it down for two seconds will turn it off again. Easy peasy!

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Step 4: Setting it up Correctly

Any time you’re using any type of new tool, it’s vital that you set it up correctly. Using your massage gun without doing so could lead to damage on your muscles, so make sure you have everything in place before using it for anything.

Once you have your gun assembled, place yourself in either a standing or seated position and pull on each handle slowly until you feel a slight tug.

The pull should happen at about 3/4 of an inch away from your body if it’s positioned correctly. This is going to provide optimal relief for most people, but some might find more comfort by sliding their hands closer together until they feel another slight tug around half an inch away from their body.

Step 5: Spreading your lower back muscles

Take your massage gun and starting from one side, run it slowly over your lower back muscles. Go slowly and do not stop until you reach one end. Do not press too hard but also ensure that your massage gun is making good contact with your muscles.

After spreading evenly over both sides of your back, do an extra pass on each side as well for better results. Remember to keep breathing and also relax yourself while giving yourself these massages because they are very relaxing after all!

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Step 6: Letting the massage gun do its job

Keep your back relaxed, and allow it to release all of its tension as you continue on. You will feel your muscles releasing and rejuvenating as you use your massage gun on lower back.

If you don’t want any part of your back massaged, simply move off that area quickly so that it doesn’t receive too much pressure or heat. As long as you are consistent in how you hold yourself while using it, there should be no pain whatsoever!

Step 7: Perfectly targeting lower back pain areas

Check out any YouTube video of massaging lower back pain and you’ll notice that almost every reviewer talks about targeting specific areas. This is where your gun really shines.

A good masseuse will always target certain problem areas and sometimes, they may need some additional help in reaching those hard-to-reach spots (this is where your massage gun can help).

With these products, you can more easily reach all parts of your back without straining your hands or wrists. If you have some intense knots or muscle issues that just aren’t going away, consider investing in one of these devices to get professional-level results at home!

Step 8: Turning it off

When you have finished using your massage gun, turn it off by pushing on your trigger button and holding for about three seconds. This ensures that no more air can get into your device, which helps prevent it from being damaged.

To further ensure against damage, use silicone oil on all parts that touch each other in order to lubricate them and help them work smoothly together. While not strictly necessary, silicone oil will greatly extend the life of your gun.

Silicone oil can be purchased online or at any local hardware store. Make sure you use pure silicone oil and not some chemical cleaner! A good brand is Never-Seez® Aerosol Silicone Lubricant Spray, which comes in an aerosol spray can as well as a pump bottle.

Step 9: Now relax and breathe deeply

If you have any tense muscles left in your back, you may want to do some deep breathing. Taking slow, controlled breaths through your nose and exhaling them out of your mouth can help relax muscle tension.

A massage gun is not actually required for deep breathing, but it sure makes it feel that way! So take advantage of those extra vibrating nodes if they are offered.

When you’re done massaging your lower back, finish up by stretching out your muscles or taking a relaxing hot bath or shower. These steps will ensure that you’re feeling relaxed and ready for bed once you hit that mattress.

Step 10 – Repeat as Necessary!

Follow these steps for several days or until your back feels comfortable. You should find that you can move more freely and feel less back pain than before using your massage gun. If you still feel some discomfort, repeat steps 1 through 9 again, one at a time, until you find relief.

No matter what sort of routine you decide on—daily massage or periodic maintenance—your lower back will thank you! Continue reading over at my website if you’d like to learn more about how to alleviate lower back pain naturally: www(dot)artofbeingfit(dot)com/lower-back-pain/

Final Word

Believe it or not, you can use massage gun for sore muscles. This device will help you alleviate back pain and shoulder tension in just minutes of working out. Massage guns are proven therapeutic products used by many medical practitioners and chiropractors to relieve muscle stress.

They’re easy-to-use portable gadgets that can be applied anywhere at any time, especially if you carry them around your shoulders all day long. If you want a treatment that’s quick, accessible and easy on your pocket, then consider getting one soon!

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