How To Wear Hair For Massage

Do you know how to wear your hair during massage therapy? If not, you’re not alone; most people don’t wear their hair the right way, leaving both them and their massage therapist frustrated and uncomfortable. By making some simple adjustments to the way you wear your hair during your next massage, you can help ensure that your massage session will go smoothly, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience fully, instead of worrying about whether or not your hairstyle will fall into the face of your massage therapist!

Step 1: Cover your ears
Tuck your ears into a professional cap, then tuck your hair over it and secure with bobby pins. In fact, if you have long hair, consider asking your stylist to cut it into a very short style (1/4 of an inch or less) that won’t fall into your eyes during massage. Avoid wearing ponytails and buns that are too tight; they can be painful when tightened during massage.

Step 2: Pick Up Front Pieces of Hair
After straightening your hair, pull all of your front locks into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic band. Make sure it’s tight enough so that you can’t fit more than one finger between your scalp and elastic band. Next, wrap strands of hair around the base of your ponytail and secure them with bobby pins or small clips. You want to keep everything tight and wrangled so as not to distract from your massage session. Don’t worry about how messy or wavy these pieces look, as you can fix them up afterwards.

Step 3: Tie Back Side Pieces of Hair
At your stylist’s request, tie back any side pieces of hair that might fall in your face during a massage. This step helps you keep your eyes closed, but also lets your aesthetician brush through some of those strands without getting tangled up. But if you prefer to keep a little hair loose around your face, let it go! It’s just as OK to wear it down, depending on what feels most comfortable for you. As always, communicate with your stylist about how she prefers you wear it.

Step 4: Leave Strands Down on Your Forehead
The remaining hair should be parted from front to back and left down on your forehead. This allows for maximum air flow. If you prefer, you can tie it up in a ponytail, but that’s not recommended for most people. Doing so will block airflow completely (and increase sweat production). Not only that, but many women also don’t have enough hair on their heads to do a good job of tying it up without looking silly.

Step 5: Part your hair down the middle
Now is a good time to comb your hair into sections. Comb out tangles, and then separate your hair into two parts. Parting down the middle of your head will give you a better look than parting at any other spot, because it makes it easier to see all sides of your face while massaging. Parting down one side, especially if you have very long hair, can make it difficult for others to see all of your face when applying pressure during massage.

Step 6: Let your bangs fall naturally over one eye
If you have any, go ahead and let your bangs fall naturally over one eye. If you don’t, just style your hair how you usually do. From here on out, everything is pretty straightforward! In a few short minutes (and some snuggling), you’ll be ready to get your massage on! Be sure to follow these directions carefully and enjoy yourself while getting pampered—you deserve it! When you’re done getting massaged, simply fluff your hair back up into its original style. If a bun or ponytail made it through without too much damage during your massage, put it back on!

Step 7: Keep it Low at the Back
You can make it easy on your stylist and yourself by wearing your hair up at both sides of your head. This will create a flat, smooth surface behind your neck, ensuring that you get maximum comfort from each massage. Keep it lower at the back too if you’re going for full-length massages that work out more knots. If you tend to be more comfortable with shorter haircuts, create some volume around your ears—it’s easier for a masseuse to work out knots when they can grab onto thick hair.

Step 8: Tie it Into a Ponytail
Don’t tie your hair back, especially if you have medium or long hair. This will help keep things from getting caught or tangled up with your clothes, and also make sure that if you do happen to move around a lot during massage (like when you’re disrobing), nothing is going to get caught on anything. When putting on your clothes afterward, consider what might be bunched under your shoulder as you lean over to put on your pants. Don’t let something get tugged by accident! If it helps, try using bobby pins instead of an elastic band (or other style of tie) so you don’t feel like there are parts of your outfit that are super tight.

Final Word
Don’t worry about wearing your hair just right—your client’s going to be under a sheet anyway. Just make sure it’s secure, like a small ponytail or bun (whatever you feel most comfortable with), and that there’s not too much hair slipping out from underneath. Some people find it helpful to pin braids up toward their heads before they put on their drape, which also helps keep everything neat and clean. We also don’t want you using any high-shine products before an appointment either; save your smoothing serum for after your client leaves!

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