What Are The Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage?

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Whether you’re about to go on vacation, stressed out from your job, or just want to treat yourself, booking an appointment for hot stone massage is the best decision you can make.

This particular type of massage uses smooth and heated stones that are placed on key parts of your body, and the heat will help release tight knots and tension in your muscles while simultaneously soothing your entire body.

Hot stone massage will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed so you can carry out your day with ease! The benefits that hot stone massage offers are plentiful, so here are 10 reasons why you should book an appointment right now!

1) It reduces stress

Your muscles will unwind, and your blood pressure will lower. The benefits of hot stone massage stretch far beyond just relaxation, though. In addition to relieving muscle pain, hot stone massage can treat injuries and speed up recovery time.

Whether you experience chronic muscle aches or simply feel stressed out every now and then, incorporating a hot stone massage into your health routine is a great way to reduce physical discomfort and ease mental stress at home or work. Here are 10 additional benefits of getting hot stone massages.

2) Reduces muscle tension

A hot stone massage can be extremely relaxing and even sedative, making it a great treatment for those suffering from muscle tension. While there are other techniques that are great for reducing muscle tension, few match the effectiveness of hot stone massage.

When you come in for your treatment, you’ll lie down on a table and allow yourself to sink into it. The therapist will then apply pressure with smooth stones that have been heated in water to different parts of your body as they work out all of your knots and relieve your stress points.

A hot stone massage also feels great on sore or stiff muscles because it creates a deep warmth that helps break up adhesions between tissues, increase blood flow to muscles and improve flexibility.

3) Improves circulation

One of hot stone massage’s biggest benefits is its ability to stimulate blood flow. In doing so, it improves circulation and removes toxins from tissues and organs. This enables fresh nutrients to reach every cell in your body, which contributes to a healthier, younger appearance and improves energy levels overall.

A study conducted at Harvard University Medical School supports these findings. Researchers discovered that stimulating blood flow causes physiological changes that could help reduce chronic pain, heart disease, depression and other conditions.

4) Helps with pain management

More than a few studies have found that regular massage therapy can reduce pain, lower stress, and reduce chronic pain. For many people living with chronic pain, massage is an integral part of their treatment plan.

Although massage may not offer a cure for chronic pain, it’s considered as one of many options to help control symptoms and make everyday life easier.

Most importantly, massages are generally safe and well-tolerated by most people living with chronic illness, so they’re definitely worth a try if you’re dealing with chronic aches or pain!

5) Improves range of motion in joints

In addition to relaxing tense muscles, a massage using hot stones can help improve your range of motion in joints like your shoulders and hips. When a hot stone massage loosens up muscle tightness, it encourages a full range of motion. This is especially helpful if you have difficulty moving due to an injury or postural problems. Allowing your body more freedom of movement reduces pain and improves coordination, allowing you to move better.

6) Promotes relaxation

Let’s face it, getting injured sucks—whether it’s a sprain or fracture, burn or bite, bone break or strain. But when you’re back to normal, one of the best ways to help your body heal quickly is with a hot stone massage.

Hot stones are placed directly on muscles and are believed to relieve tension and reduce swelling due to their ability to draw blood flow.

A study in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that people who underwent hot stone massages had a more rapid healing rate from an abdominal surgery than those who did not receive one.

7) Relaxes your nervous system

When you first arrive for your hot stone massage, you may feel a bit jittery. The reason? Your body has just been zapped with high levels of negative ions from a Far Infrared sauna, which causes your nervous system to reset. Think of it as an extreme rest stop.

When your body’s nervous system gets reset, it will be more relaxed than before—and that’s when you’ll start to notice all of those beneficial effects: lowered blood pressure, less stress and better sleep (which means more energy during the day).

All that relaxation improves flexibility and mobility in addition to reducing pain levels and chronic inflammation.

8) Improves sleep quality

The massage of hot stones on sore muscles can have a soothing and relaxing effect, which helps relieve stress and anxiety. By improving sleep quality, a person’s immunity is boosted as well. So it is possible to fight off colds and coughs with regular hot stone massages.

It also improves blood circulation throughout your body by releasing endorphins (happy hormones). These hormones help you feel relaxed and happy. It promotes rejuvenation: After a long day at work or on an intense workout regime, it is beneficial to get a good massage from hot stones.

Not only does it help you relax but also helps ease sore muscles after strenuous activities. Can lower chronic pain: People suffering from chronic aches in their body can greatly benefit from hot stone massages.

9) Helps your body heal faster after an injury

Anyone who has ever had a massage of any kind can tell you how fantastic it feels to have sore muscles massaged back into submission. While they do help loosen tight muscles, there’s more to hot stone massage than just feeling good.

Because of their heat and consistent pressure, hot stones actually speed up your blood flow and accelerate healing for injured muscles. It’s like having a personal trainer working on your body but without all that time at the gym!

10) Lessens symptoms of menopause and PMS

During menopause, when a woman’s body is experiencing all sorts of hormonal changes and imbalances, hot stone massage can help with some of these symptoms.

A study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine showed that a hot stone massage can help relieve menopausal symptoms like sweating, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Another study by Italian researchers found that women who had PMS reported less fatigue, irritability and headache pain after receiving a hot stone massage.

So next time you have those pesky PMS symptoms or are going through menopause, consider giving yourself a little self-care pampering with a hot stone massage. Don’t forget to request hot stones for part of your treatment!

Final Word

There’s something therapeutic about hot stone massage. The heat from stones, which are often basalt or lava rocks, can be very soothing and even help open up blocked energy channels in your body. And while some people may argue that it is more painful than traditional massage, there are a lot of other benefits to receiving hot stone massages.

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