What Do Eye Massagers Do?

Eye massagers are devices that seem to be getting more and more popular these days, and it’s no wonder why – they can do so much! Whether you suffer from eyestrain, glaucoma, dry eyes, or want to slow down the signs of aging in your eyes, there are plenty of reasons to invest in an eye massager and reap the benefits. The question then becomes what eye massager you should get. This article reviews 9 great products that will help you decide which one is best for you!

Micro-current stimulation
If you’re not familiar with micro-current stimulation, then it might sound like voodoo or science fiction, but it’s a very real technique used by professionals in many industries. Micro-current electrical stimulation is a technique that uses small amounts of electricity delivered into your muscles in order to improve muscle tone, strength and overall performance. It sounds scary, but if you think about what happens when you receive treatment from a massage therapist then it makes sense: The therapist runs his or her hands over your body and—through muscle manipulation—stimulates your muscles in order to relax them. To help you understand how these tiny currents work at improving your physical function, read on for some basic explanations of what micro-current therapy does for you.

Improve vision naturally
The retina is a thin layer of cells on the back of your eye that are responsible for converting light into electrical signals. These signals are then relayed through wires called optic nerves, which relay them to your brain so you can see. The retina may have problems when it becomes inflamed by blood vessels, causing swelling or bleeding—this is known as diabetic retinopathy or macular edema. According to a study published in 2018 in Diabetes Care, researchers reported that massage therapy reduced edema, which translated into improved vision in patients with type 2 diabetes and eyes afflicted by diabetic retinopathy. If you’re experiencing eyestrain after looking at screens, reduce screen time and aim for at least 20 minutes of daily eye massage.

Tested and proven
Most of us tend to forget that our eyes need special care and attention. We hardly ever take out time from our daily routine for eye massages or any other kind of treatment for our eyes. And why should we anyway? If you have some spare time, then it is always better to invest it into other important activities such as taking a walk or exercising in a gym than an eye massage. But what if I tell you that these are actually very beneficial for your eyesight and overall health?

Suitable for all eye types
What makes a massager a great option for your eyes is that they can be used by just about anyone. There’s no eye makeup or contact lenses getting in your way. Unlike other parts of your body, you don’t have any potential sensitivity issues related to using a machine on your face and eyes. Anyone with an interest in using one of these machines can do so without worry!

Device does the work for you
The massager feels around all parts of your eye and there’s no need for you to move or do anything. Just sit back and relax as it provides an invigorating massage from top to bottom. The device uses LEDs, cooling motors, clockwise vibrations, and infrared heat for a soothing experience. It can also flush out excess fluids that lead to puffy eyes and wrinkles so you can look younger in a matter of minutes!

How long does it take to show results?
Most people who have used eye massagers say they notice an improvement in their under-eye area within a week. Results may vary depending on your skin type and how often you use it, but seeing changes so quickly is pretty common among users. That’s because of all of our daily stressors, lack of sleep and wearing heavy makeup are probably what are most damaging to our under-eyes. Not only that, but most moisturizers don’t penetrate very deeply into skin. While some moisturizers contain ingredients like caffeine or Vitamin C that can reduce puffiness, they aren’t likely to work overnight—if at all. If you want fast results, eye massagers have you covered. In fact, according to a clinical study conducted by Dr.

#1) No more eye glasses/contacts
If you’re looking for a way to reduce pressure and stress on your eyes, eye massagers can provide an alternative route from glasses or contact lenses. If you don’t want to put anything in your eyes, or if you’re looking for alternative options (after all, not everyone gets along with their contacts), then check out eye massagers. These small handheld devices look like mini-vibrators and gently buzz around your eyelids. With regular use, they can help keep blood flowing through veins in your face and under your skin. And although studies are limited on how much massaging helps improve overall health , it seems clear that there are some benefits that may also extend to helping ease headaches and reduce daily stress levels .

#2) No side effects
Unlike some alternative medicine treatments, eye massagers have no known side effects. When you rub a sore muscle, for example, there’s always a chance that it could get worse—especially if you have an injury or pre-existing condition. Since these devices are meant for gentle exercise and massage, they’re completely safe. You won’t have to worry about things getting worse when you treat your eyes with one of these small machines. You may feel a bit odd at first, but in most cases you can expect a soothing feeling and some relaxation once it starts working its magic on your eyes.

#3) Adjustable speed dial – fast or slow, your choice!
It may sound a little kooky, but by taking a few minutes out of your day and massaging around your eyes, you’ll be boosting circulation and improving skin health. This can also help stimulate neurotransmitters that boost brain activity. In addition, these types of massagers are really relaxing and will give you a better nights sleep. The eye massager is one gadget that actually lives up to its hype! The next time you hit an airport or travel on a plane, remember that you can use it as much as possible on vacation so your body adjusts more quickly when you return home. Your body will thank you for it. If most Americans would just invest in an eye massager like those discussed here, they would see amazing results over time with their vision health.

Final Word
The eyes are one of our most important organs. That’s why it’s so crucial to take care of them, especially as we age. A good way to do that is by using a massage device that is meant for your eyes. The main purpose of these devices is to help increase blood flow in your eyes and improve overall vision. They have different settings, depending on what you need, but they will all have at least one massage setting on them. You can use these massage devices before you go sleep, during work or in between classes or meetings. You should feel a lot more relaxed after getting one of these!

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