What To Wear To A Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage offers benefits that are both tangible and highly intuitive. On the one hand, hot stones can provide therapeutic heat, pain relief, and muscle relaxation; on the other hand, there’s no denying that hot stone massage feels good (a lot of it, anyway).

To make the most of your experience, try dressing in clothes that maximize both your comfort and your therapist’s access to hard-to-reach areas like your shoulders and back. Here are 10 tips on what to wear to a hot stone massage.

1) Think Comfort

When getting a hot stone massage, one of your most important considerations is comfort. If you’re too uncomfortable, you won’t fully relax and reap all of its benefits.

Choose comfortable clothing that allows you to freely move around. Think lightweight fabrics and loose clothing that doesn’t constrict your movement or cut off circulation.

You may also want to consider wearing socks or shoes with rubber soles that provide traction as you get massaged in bare feet on heated stones. And unless it’s your preference, leave jewelry at home—it can easily scratch or burn under warm rocks and heat lamps while you relax.

2) Form Fitting Is Better Than Loose

While you might not want to wear clothing that is too form fitting, it’s generally best not to wear loose-fitting clothing. Loose clothes can bunch up in awkward ways and can actually end up causing discomfort during your massage.

If you want something that’s easy, comfortable and attractive, consider wearing workout clothes like those from Title Nine.

Workout gear tends to be cut in a way that makes it ideal for hot stone massages, but many companies also make stylish options. A pair of form-fitting shorts or leggings with an oversized T-shirt could be exactly what you need.

3) Loose Tops Are Good For Inversions

There are several different types of massages, but hot stone massage is an extremely relaxing experience. If you’re looking forward to one, keep in mind that you may be laying face down or sitting in an awkward position (on your stomach), so wearing loose-fitting clothing is ideal.

You won’t want anything restricting your movements when your masseuse performs deep tissue work. Tight or heavy clothing could also cause overheating or even slight discomfort during a hot stone massage—and that isn’t what you want!

Wear loose tops and pants, and consider bringing along an extra shirt just in case it gets wet with oil. It will help things stay fresh, too!

4) Dark Colors Can Be Warming

Darker colors tend to be heavier and more opaque, meaning they can act as insulators, retaining heat and keeping you warm.

This is why it’s important to dress in layers if you find yourself cold: Wearing a dark shirt over light pants will hold in your body heat much better than wearing just one piece of clothing.

This also means that lighter colors can be more cooling when worn during hotter weather; they provide less insulation than darker colors but are often filled with more air pockets, allowing them to absorb and release heat easier.

If you want to cool down during summer, consider wearing lighter-colored clothing. Just make sure they’re made of natural fibers like cotton, as these fabrics are good at wicking away moisture and helping you stay dryer.

5) Layers Are Great

The best way to dress for a hot stone massage is in layers. This allows you to adjust your attire based on how warm or cool you get. Most people find that, during a hot stone massage, they start off too warm, then uncover as they cool down.

Be sure that your clothes are comfortable and loose-fitting so that you’re able to lay back and feel at ease as your masseuse works their magic.

The last thing you want is uncomfortable clothing pinching or squeezing you while someone else applies pressure. Loose clothing will also allow you some freedom of movement so that you can move around naturally while getting worked on by your professional masseuse.

6) Scarves Are Your Friend

Scarves are one of those clothing items that most women have yet to learn how to utilize properly. They can be used as an accessory or in place of a bulky coat if you want to keep warm, but don’t want your clothes clinging uncomfortably.

You can even use them as your top layer during extremely hot weather. If you’re going out somewhere chilly and want to stay warm, wear it around your neck until you get there. Even better, try layering it over another long-sleeved shirt!

In fact, scarves can work with just about any outfit type; drape them over formal wear like blazers and jackets or wear them under casual tops and sweaters when it’s cold outside.

7) Socks Matter

You’re about to receive an oil-based massage, so wear clean socks. Your therapist will wash his or her hands before each session and won’t be touching your toes, but we still recommend wearing something other than sneakers (try flip flops) while you’re in your robe.

When it comes time for your massage, there’s no need to get undressed past your waist—leave those feet in their cotton and/or wool cocoon. If you take off your socks, be sure they stay covered by your robes!

8) Lightly Pack Clothing That’s Just Right

While your masseuse will likely provide you with plenty of plush and warm linens, you may still want to bring extra layers. Some people might be comfortable in just their underwear, but others prefer shorts or yoga pants.

Find out beforehand what is appropriate, and pack accordingly so you won’t be self-conscious when it comes time to disrobe.

Even if you feel more relaxed without clothing—or don’t mind getting naked—leave any silk or satin fabrics at home as these can stick to hot stones; keep in mind that oil from your skin will also leave a mark!

9) Baby Powder Rocks for Dry Feet

It’s true—powdered baby (or talcum) powder will help keep your feet dry during your hot stone massage. The trick is that you must apply it before getting dressed; once you put on shoes and socks, it won’t have as much time to soak in, and rubbing powder on wet skin isn’t pleasant.

Just sprinkle lightly onto both feet before getting into bed or getting ready for your appointment, and you should be all set.

10) Invest in an Anti-Stress Hoodie

When you’re feeling stressed, everything can feel like an insurmountable challenge. To get through your toughest moments and bring down your anxiety levels (temporarily), it’s a good idea to have an anti-stress hoodie in your arsenal.

If you don’t own one already, they typically come with removable, heated stones that are tucked into pockets of varying sizes. Simply run them under warm water (or chill them in cold water if you want something cool), and let them do their thing as you go about your day. A

Final Word

The pressure of hot stones is something you’ll have to get used to, but it’s well worth it. If you’ve never tried one before, get ready for what could be one of your favorite spa experiences yet. But first, think about all these tips as you prepare yourself for what will be an unforgettable massage experience.

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for easy access and that you won’t mind getting a little messy (no white or light colored clothing).

And as always, keep an open mind – because hot stone massages are unlike any other. Whether your prefer Swedish or deep tissue massages, both types can benefit from using heated stones in combination with other techniques.

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