What To Wear To Foot Reflexology Massage

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What should you wear to your next foot reflexology massage? Whether you’re getting it as a special treat or to pamper yourself after a particularly rough week, the right outfit can make all the difference in your experience.

If you wear something that’s too restrictive or tight, not only will it be uncomfortable to wear during the session but it can also constrict circulation and dull the effects of the treatment—so picking the right outfit before going in is really important!

Here are 10 tips to help you choose what to wear while getting your feet rubbed and relaxed.

1) Walking barefoot outside

If you’re in an area where it’s warm and comfortable, take off your shoes and walk around outside. The sensation of grass or dirt on your feet has a similar effect to getting a reflexology treatment. Not only is it soothing for your toes, but walking barefoot has also been shown to help with depression, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

(Source: 101 Health Benefits of Nature) Get yourself a nice pair of minimalist sandals like these if you do choose to go barefoot outside. I love how they are made from recycled plastic! They look great too. That being said you can still enjoy all these benefits in a pair of casual flats too!

2) Bare feet in your shoes

Many spas and massage therapists want you to remove your shoes and socks before treatment. It’s helpful to wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement or circulation, especially if you are planning on lying down.

If you get cold easily, consider bringing a light blanket with you. Choose loose-fitting clothes in soft fabrics such as cotton or linen—you’ll be more comfortable and can keep them on during treatment.

Avoid wearing jewelry or items with buckles that might dig into your skin, as well as clothes with seams that might chafe against your body.

3) Bare feet around the house

Feel free to kick off your shoes at home—and save on wear and tear of your footwear, which can run you $100 or more a year if you’re replacing them as often as necessary.

You should also have a designated pair of slippers for indoor use, like a pair of house slippers made from cotton or another soft material. If you wear socks indoors, make sure they’re thin so that feet can breathe and comfortable enough so that feet don’t get cold.

Going barefoot in summertime is also an option—just be sure to sanitize your feet daily with soap and water after being out in public places where germs are common.

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4) Take off your shoes when you get home

It’s always a good idea to remove your shoes after a long day of work. It keeps your feet from getting sore and makes you more relaxed. So when you get home, take off your shoes and have yourself a relaxing foot massage.

It will relax your feet, help relieve some stress and make you feel better overall. After all, nothing beats that feeling of walking barefoot on a soft carpet!

5) Limit wearing heels

While you may love your stilettos, they can take a serious toll on your feet—and reflexology massages are no exception. In order to get a relaxing massage of your lower extremities (toes, ankles, and feet), it’s important that you wear comfortable shoes without heels. Think flats or even slippers; anything else will be distracting to both you and your therapist.

Not only do heels make it difficult for your therapist to access these areas, but they also put stress on other muscles in your lower body which will distract from their job at hand (giving you a relaxing massage). If comfort is more important than style for you, feel free to wear cute socks with them!

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6) Be selective with flip flops

Flip flops don’t give your feet any support, which means if you walk around in them too much you can develop foot problems like bunions and hammertoes. It’s also important to avoid flip flops that are too tight or have extra heels on them.

In short, it’s time to say goodbye to those sandals that have been hurting your feet for so long. A lot of times we wear sandals because they look great, but unfortunately they aren’t always good for our health in the long run. Opt for a pair of comfortable flats instead or bring along some sneakers just in case!

7) Wear comfortable shoes and socks

During a foot reflexology massage, your feet will be soaked in warm water and then scrubbed with a sponge. This can result in slipping and falling if you are not wearing socks or shoes that offer enough traction. A good pair of flip-flops is always a safe option.

If you really want to go barefoot, make sure to check your feet before each session to ensure they’re clean and free of cuts or other wounds that could get infected during your treatment. You should also wear white socks to better absorb any soapy residue from your treatment.

8) Exfoliate before going to a spa

Exfoliating is an important part of maintaining healthy feet, but don’t do it right before you go to a spa. Exfoliating or scrubbing your feet can remove dead skin, but it also removes important oils and will leave your feet looking and feeling dry after your treatment.

Bring along some lotion for moisturizing if you are concerned about how your skin will feel after getting a reflexology massage. Or bring some extra socks with you if that seems like too much work! If you can avoid exfoliating 24 hours before going to a foot reflexology massage spa, then do so to get better results from your session.

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9) Ask your therapist about jewelry and watches

You probably shouldn’t wear rings or watches during a foot reflexology massage, as these items can get in your way and might even scratch your therapist. You may be surprised to learn that you shouldn’t wear sandals, either.

The majority of therapists say they’re used to it and won’t mind if you want to go barefoot—but if you aren’t used to going barefoot, consider bringing along a pair of slippers so that you can relax completely. Going barefoot will help your reflexologist apply more pressure when needed.

And if wearing shoes feels better for you—go for it! Just keep in mind that most therapists say shoes tend to prevent them from giving their client as much attention as possible during a session.

10) Manicure with natural polish

Nail salons are kind of wonderful, don’t you think? You sit back and relax as someone else does your hair or your nails for you. If you feel like going out for a manicure and pedicure, but can’t leave work to go get one, try having a coworker do it for you!

It’s relaxing to have someone else fuss over your hands while they massage your fingers, especially when they use lotion afterwards. Just make sure that if they wear polish at work, it isn’t just as toxic as nail polish remover.

Final Word

It’s always a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and sandals or flip-flops to your reflexology session. The table you’ll be resting on is massage-friendly, but it can still get a little cold—and slightly sticky—so don’t risk your clothing getting ruined.

You’ll also want to avoid wearing socks, as that could mess with your technician’s ability to perform certain techniques (such as using toe pressure). If you plan on having your toes worked on or massaged in any way, open-toed shoes are probably a better option than closed-toe ones.

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